Anyone try a Fold & Go Chair?


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Does anyone have any experience or interest in the Fold&Go Magshock electric wheelchair?

I've been searching for different mobility aids to help me get back to work, and I've fallen in love with the idea of this chair lol

It's about 55lbs, completely weather-proof, and foldable to a size that can fit in almost any regular car.

I'm still in the process of getting a diagnosis, and realize it may be a while until insurance is willing to cover anything, if ever, so I'm hoping somehow I'll come up with the $2800+ for this chair πŸ˜΅πŸ˜…πŸ’™

They do have a grant program, though I haven't seen much recent activity on their social media in regards to said program... but I'm still hopeful that they are continuing to give chairs away πŸ™πŸ˜‡

Definitely recommend checking out their website if you, too, could benefit from a lightweight, foldable electric chair!!! 😊


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I put these on the Retail Therapy thread (VIDEO and VIDEO and VIDEO) because I know how expensive these mobility chairs and scooters can be. (Turn down your speaker. Some of those videos are loud.) :eek:

I was just looking at a used scooter on Craigslist but sometimes even 10-20lbs can be too heavy for me. Trying to lift all the parts into my car??? I don't know if I could do it but with that set up in the video and a lightweight wheelchair maybe...??

Even this week, I saw a free wheelchair being given away on Craigslist so if I could get a free one it would just be a matter of purchasing the hover thing and attaching it somehow. With that first video example, I've been wondering if we even would need to attach it if our feet are resting solidly on it. ??

That 2nd one has a website where they sell handles that attach but I noticed their website is down today. :( Hope they get it up and going again. It looked like they had a lot of ideas along this same line.

Anyway, didn't mean to sidetrack your thread but thought you might be interested in seeing those.

Edit with just a note: I think the 2nd one would be too low to the ground for some of us as well as maybe a safety concern in parking lots and the 3rd one...I wouldn't feel safe in a moving chair w/no arms to hold onto. :)
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