vitamin d3

  1. F

    Vitamin D effects on antibody titers, PCR, or Elispot?

    Hi, I'm planning on eventually doing a series of antibody tests for things like EBV, CMV, HSV, HHV 6, Coxsackie B, Rubella, candida, toxoplasma, mycoplasma, and various Lyme tests. I'm also looking at doing a few Elispot tests with Infectolab, which to my limited knowledge is based on...
  2. linusbert

    Is there a vegan Vitamin D supplement without fat/MCT?

    i suspect coconut products and MCT to trigger my allergy/histamine/mast cell problems. but i need vitamin D to regulate the immune system to reduce those - which worked 1-2 years ago but doesnt anymore. i had a similiar problem with a K2mk4 product causing me massive stomach pain and issues and...