1. T

    Trouble balancing Niacin and Thiamin

    Since increasing Niacin a week ago, I have had terrible balance of vitamins and bad symptoms. I tried returning to my original dosing the but issues didn’t resolve. I can’t seem to balance the levels of: B3, B1, (I think Magnesium, but could be other minerals) Attached is a chart of my...
  2. dylemmaz

    what’s the rundown on high dose thiamine?

    im starting high dose thiamine this week and i want to make sure i do it right. i haven’t really seen a good playbook on cofactors needed, dosing, safety, and what not? am i supposed to supplement magnesium? anything else? other b vitamins? is it generally safe, even at doses upwards of...
  3. nerd

    POLL: How common are B Vitamin deficiencies?

    Given the assumption that CFS/ME is a hypermetabolic condition, I'm trying to found the hypothesis that Vitamin B deficiencies are amplified by the hypermetabolic state and that the normal recommended intake of these Vitamins doesn't apply to CFS/ME. I'm particularly interested in how common...