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  1. W

    I have mold illness symptoms but test negative for mold...

    I started getting sick 8 years ago. At that time we got married, had fist kid, moved into new house and got a new used car. My symptoms were fatigue and sinus pressure. My wife never really got sick. I got a sleep study and it was negative. A few years later I developed a slight dizziness...
  2. Emmarose47

    Is sinusitis a thing with us?

    I have suffered sinusitis / congestion for years .. at first it would get infected now it's just congestion / pain . It's my whole left side lymph node , ear and sinuses ... Any experience / knowledge ?
  3. Hipsman

    Anyone Tried Probiotics for Nose? (can be used to improve bacterial flora, treat chronic sinusitis or other nasal infections)

    Just recently learned that our nose/throat/nasopharynx have bacterial flora, and just like with gut, if it's damaged, it can lead to health problems. Anyone researched this topic? I'm going to do a trial using normal probiotic in powder form from local pharmacy. Will use similar process as...
  4. Hipsman

    Chronic Sinusitis +Streptococcus group A infection can cause my CFS?

    Couldn't find any information on this, so I will tell why I'm optimistic that this is the cause of my CFS, and hopefully someone can relate or give helpful resource to study this further... My background: I developed chronic maxillary sinusitis after sleeping under air conditioner in a hotel...
  5. rosie26

    Have you always had sinus problems with infections all throughout your ME?

    Just wondering if there is a subgroup of ME who gets the constant sinus problems with infections whenever you overdo it. I have had this all the way through my ME. I have it quite bad at the moment, sore throat with it, also. I don't want to take antibiotics because of the bad reaction I had...