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multiple chemical sensitivity

  1. Whit

    Flame Retardant and other chemical free pillows, beds, furniture - let's make a list of sources!

    I don't see it discussed in the ME/CFS community much, but there is a law in California that requires huge amounts of flame retardant chemicals to be added to most furniture items around your house including your pillows, couches, carpet, curtains, etc. Since it is a law in California...
  2. Lalia

    Margaret Moss

    Hi all, does anyone have experience working with a nutritionist in the UK named Margaret Moss? She specializes in multiple chemical sensitivity, and helping people who are reacting to food chemicals, broaden their diet. In some of the discussion around sulfation pathways, I’ve seen users link...
  3. Iritu1021

    The Enigma of Sigma Receptors

    Hey everyone! I know I've been a stranger to this blog lately - (too much going on IRL right now and not in a good way) but I've finally put down on paper the latest installment to my "intracellular calcium chronicles" and I think this one is huge: sigma receptors. If nobody has yet proposed...
  4. helsbells

    Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) - How Bad

    This is a very extreme problem for me. I know a lot of PWME's have problems with this to a certain extent but for me this is a killer. I have just moved house this weekend (No choice let me say wouldn't have done it otherwise) and I have had anxiety, depression and pain from th enew smells...