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Breaking Through The Fog
Hey everyone!

I know I've been a stranger to this blog lately - (too much going on IRL right now and not in a good way) but I've finally put down on paper the latest installment to my "intracellular calcium chronicles" and I think this one is huge: sigma receptors.

If nobody has yet proposed looking into sigmas in the context of fibromyalgia and CFS, I'd be frankly surprised and could only attribute it to the knowledge being so brand new that this seemingly obvious connection has not yet been made.

But we don't need to wait years for it to be officially researched because I think lots of people are already regulating their sigmas, they just don't know about it!

Here are a few quotes from the article:

"You can think of sigma chaperones receptors as intracellular loudspeakers. Any neural input that comes to the plasma membrane can be amplified through sigmas..."

...In other words, sigma receptors are the intermediate between the extracellular glutamate and the intracellular calcium release that it induces within the neuronal cells.

You can read the rest of the article here:


My blog is called Voyage to Health (www.chronicfatiguediagnosis.com)

I hope you find this information interesting and useful and please help to get the word out there by sharing it with others so that this brand new enigmatic receptor gets the proper consideration it deserves!!!