1. Pyrrhus

    China: ME/CFS in China

    The #MillionsMissing movement may be coming to China! Famous Taiwanese artist Fan Ching Hsiang, (also known as Fan Jingxiang or 范景翔) will be trying to bring #MillionsMissing to China: Source: According to MillionsMissingDenmark, Fan hopes to do monthly...
  2. H

    #MillionsMissing 2020 in Germany

    This year #MillionsMissing global protests will take place between May 9th–17th. #MillionsMissing Germany announced the participating cities from Germany today: :hug: Aachen, Erlangen, Freiburg, Gütersloh, Halle, Münster and Ravensburg :hug: These are more cities than in the years before (we...
  3. H

    #MillionsMissing 2019 in Germany

    This year, #MillionsMissing visibility actions will take place in Berlin, Munich and Halle (Saale) in Germany. HALLE (SAALE) | Marktplatz | Wednesday, May 8 | 2-4 pm MUNICH | Sendlinger-Tor-Platz | Saturday, May 11 | 2-4 pm BERLIN | Pariser Platz (vor dem Brandenburger Tor) | Sunday, May 12 |...