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mast cell

  1. SWAlexander

    Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS)

    Medications for the Treatment of MCAS Medications, as we mentioned, provide symptom relief and act as a diagnostic tool in the beginning. Some common MCAS medications include: Emergency Medications – Adrenaline-based interventions, such as epinephrine (EpiPens) open the airways and work to...
  2. linusbert

    Capers strong against allergies and food allergies and allergic asthma?

    i just was researching things which could help against the increasing food intolerances, allergies and mast cell problems. "capers" are undermentioned in the forum, i just read one post recommending it - but somehow his (@xploit316) post went down in all the information especially because it was...
  3. H

    Problems with Mast Cell stabilizers

    So I'm at my wit's end a bit this evening. I'm currently on a plan from my MCAS doctor to take Mast Cell stabilisers in the hope it calms my symptoms, but I've just tried a new one (Ketotifen) and I'm reacting badly to it, and I'm wondering what to do. The background to this is that initially I...
  4. H

    Has anyone managed to considerably improve or even cure their MCAS (with say mould or gut bacteria treatment)?

    So as the title suggests I'm wondering whether anyone's managed to improve their MCAS by fixing other ailments, ideally to the extent they can come off MCAS mediator medications or even tolerate high-histamine foods again? I've read MCAS isn't thought to be something you're born with, but...