Has anyone managed to considerably improve or even cure their MCAS (with say mould or gut bacteria treatment)?


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So as the title suggests I'm wondering whether anyone's managed to improve their MCAS by fixing other ailments, ideally to the extent they can come off MCAS mediator medications or even tolerate high-histamine foods again?

I've read MCAS isn't thought to be something you're born with, but acquire through other means such as gut dysbiosis or mould/mycotoxin illness. One clinic I spoke to said 90% of their MCAS patients have mould issues.

I'm wondering this because right now the plan with my doctor is to first prevent the Mast Cell reactions with mediators (only tried antihistamines so far), but then assuming these work ideally I'd like to try to fix the route cause, if there is one.

Before being diagnosed with MCAS (and when it wasn't so bad that I could still tolerate other medications) I had some success with antifungals to get rid of Candida in my gut, and the plan was to move onto treatment for mycotoxins.

I'm just wondering if anyone has gotten to the point where they're addressing the root cause? Either having calmed their MCAS reactions with mediators, or going at it directly with other medications?

I'm not sure it's realistic in my case, my MCAS reactions to food are so bad I worry I won't ever be able to get to that point, but for now I just want to know if it's possible.

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