1. RyeRyeBread

    What smartwatches/HR monitors do you use to pace?

    I'm looking into smartwatches and heartrate trackers for HR pacing as my Samsung watch stopped working... Which ones do/have ya'll used, and are they any good? Please share any recommendations, opinions, info you have to offer in the comments 🙂
  2. RyeRyeBread

    Today's a high HR day... Anyone else?

    I woke up this morning, put on my HR monitoring smart watch (been trying to better monitor my HR, for pacing + OI purposes), and realized pretty quickly that today was not going to be a good day - in terms of OI symptoms and a high HR. This has happened a few times before - some days my HR was...
  3. Tella

    Advice needed pls

    Hi I used to be severe and now am moderate. I believe recovery is possible but depends on many factors and it’s complex and wish each of u and myself only more improvement each day. I need advice please. Next week I have a 3 day meeting which I have to attend and I have to speak for half a day...