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  1. Countrygirl

    DecodeME: Take Part in the World's Largest Genetic Study into ME

  2. Pyrrhus

    Genetic and Genomics Studies in ME

    I thought I'd start a thread to collect together the various genetic and genomics studies in ME. Please feel free to post any relevant genetics or genome studies.
  3. nerd

    Poll: Mast cell and histamine degradation genotypes

    I know that there has been one poll on how frequently MCAS co-exists with CFS/ME. But I could imagine that some of the negative cases just are not perceived as MCAS when, in fact, the mast cells might still be dysregulated asymptomatically. This is why I would prefer to describe the condition...
  4. nerd

    POLL: CC allele in rs9557195

    Considering the causal significance of herpes-viral infections, especially EBV, I'd be interested in the prevalence of the CC allele in CFS/ME patients (10.1111/bph.15395). This SNP determines the EBI 2 expression on lymphocytes and EBI 2 is a key pathogenic post-viral driver, though it...
  5. percyval577

    Genetic Predisposition for Immune System, Hormone, and Metabolic Dysfunction in ME/CFS: A Pilot Study. Perez et al 2019

    Link to the Study Genetic Predisposition for Immune System, Hormone, and Metabolic Dysfunction in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Pilot Study Melanie Perez1, Rajeev Jaundoo2,3, Kelly Hilton1, Ana Del Alamo1,3, Kristina Gemayel1, Nancy G. Klimas1,3,4, Travis J. A...
  6. E

    High rate of false positives and misinterpretation of SNPs characterize direct-to-consumer genetic testing

    From Nature, Genet Med. 2018 Mar 22. doi: 10.1038/gim.2018.38. [Epub ahead of print] False-positive results released by direct-to-consumer genetic tests highlight the importance of clinical confirmation testing for appropriate patient care. Full text here.