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food sensitivity

  1. linusbert

    Capers strong against allergies and food allergies and allergic asthma?

    i just was researching things which could help against the increasing food intolerances, allergies and mast cell problems. "capers" are undermentioned in the forum, i just read one post recommending it - but somehow his (@xploit316) post went down in all the information especially because it was...
  2. W

    Substantial improvement with (strange) dietary adjustments

    Hi everyone, I don't know where this fits best, so I thought I'll put it in the General Treatment section. I have noticed that I can make very substantial improvements of all symptoms with some strange adjustments to my diet. "Strange" because they don't concern any of the usual suspects like...
  3. Aspen

    MCAS elimination diet: tips and tricks?

    Hey folks, here’s a place to post your MCAS safe-food wisdom! I’m finally starting to get a handle on my MCAS food and skin product sensitivities… it’s blowing my mind how many things I react to, but also how much better I can feel when I stick to safe foods/products. While I’ve heard folks...
  4. H

    Causes of MCAS?

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone has any info on what are the possible causes of MCAS? And if someone's looking to try to address the root cause of their MCAS what areas should they look into, and in what order of importance? I'm also interested in whether anyone here has managed to figure out...
  5. M

    Help! Develop rashes when eating but all food sensitivities negative. Gut issues?

    I have been sick for a little over a year now and just a few months ago I started having reactions occasionally when eating. The reaction starts by causing my ears to get really red and hot, then my face, chest, shoulders, elbows, knees (basically all joints) becomes really red and hot. After...