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  1. V

    Dycal (dental compound), sulfonamide (antibiotic).

    Has anyone else ever had Dycal put into their fillings or other dental work? Thing is, you may not know because dentists don't tell you. I don't even know if Dycal still being used;; was popular in the 1980s I think. Dycal has a sulfonamide in it. Sulfonamide keeps important things from getting...
  2. Pyrrhus

    FDA: People with neurological conditions should avoid mercury dental fillings

    The amount of mercury that is very slowly released from mercury dental fillings is very low, so health agencies have generally considered mercury dental fillings to be safe. Therefore, I was surprised to hear that the US FDA now recommends that people with neurological conditions should avoid...
  3. W

    Need help - root canal or extraction

    I have a tooth that had a deep cavity filled. It's been sensitive on and off. Two weeks ago when I was doing diaphragm stretching exercises and (at a different time) biting on a snorkel mouthpiece it started to bother me again. Honestly it feels like nerve inflammation, but an emergency trip to...