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  1. mitoMAN

    Sublingual D-ribose: bad for your teeth?

    Dear fellow users, I would like to inquire if there are studies about the sublingual intake of D-Ribose? Sadly I couldnt find any source. As D-Ribose is a form of sugar, does it significantly harm your teeth by taking it sublingually and keeping it in the mouth for several minutes? Also: Does...
  2. 2

    D-Ribose linked to Memory Loss, Anxiety, & Aβ-like deposits associated with Alzheimer’s in Mice

    Hello - Just wanted to pass this along. I've been taking 5gm of D-Ribose twice daily for 4 years and was recently diagnosed with mild memory loss and polyneuropathy. Albeit, there are a number of factors that could be causing this. Nevertheless, the risk of developing full on dementia...