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  1. MarkRichardson

    Glucose v D-Ribose (St Marks Solution)

    I am making up some St Mark’s Solution and am wondering wether I can substitute Glucose for D-Ribose. Both are sugar but not exactly the same. I have lots of D-Ribose but no Glucose. Does it make much if any difference? If you don’t know then: St. Mark’s solution is a potassium-free glucose...
  2. Pyrrhus

    Ribose: Why might it work for ME/CFS patients

    Background: Ribose is one of those supplements that have repeatedly been mentioned as helpful for ME patients. Some say it gives them slightly more energy than usual. Others say it works as a PEM-shielder, reducing the severity of PEM episodes. However, people who have problems regulating...
  3. mitoMAN

    Sublingual D-ribose: bad for your teeth?

    Dear fellow users, I would like to inquire if there are studies about the sublingual intake of D-Ribose? Sadly I couldnt find any source. As D-Ribose is a form of sugar, does it significantly harm your teeth by taking it sublingually and keeping it in the mouth for several minutes? Also: Does...
  4. 2

    D-Ribose linked to Memory Loss, Anxiety, & Aβ-like deposits associated with Alzheimer’s in Mice

    Hello - Just wanted to pass this along. I've been taking 5gm of D-Ribose twice daily for 4 years and was recently diagnosed with mild memory loss and polyneuropathy. Albeit, there are a number of factors that could be causing this. Nevertheless, the risk of developing full on dementia...