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  1. SWAlexander

    World’s First Tissue Bank Could Solve Mystery of Long COVID Misery

    UC San Francisco is set to launch the world’s first tissue bank with samples donated by patients with long COVID. The move follows research indicating that the virus can continue to linger throughout the body and may hold the key to understanding the cause of the debilitating disorder, leading...
  2. SWAlexander

    Neurological symptoms apparently not a result of SARS-CoV-2 infection of the brain

    Scientists still are not sure how neurological symptoms arise in COVID-19. Is it because SARS-CoV-2 infects the brain? Or are these symptoms the result of inflammation in the rest of the body? A study by Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin has now produced evidence to support the latter theory...
  3. SWAlexander

    It’s all in your head: antifungal immunity in the brain

    Abstract As the incidence rate of invasive fungal infections has increased with the use of modern medical interventions, so too has the occurrence of fungi invading the brain. Fungi such as Candida albicans, Cryptococcus neoformans, and Aspergillus fumigatus often infect immunocompromised...
  4. JasonPerth

    QEEG - Brain Function Scan

    Hi- just wondering if anyone with MECFS has done a QEEG brain function scan and following treatments? (Image attached) There is a clinic near me that mentions healing Pain/ Fibromyalgia- with some links to CFS Can Trans-Cranial Direct Current Stimulation really change the brain to remove pain...
  5. SeanQHX1

    Strange Symptoms with COVID-19 (and all other infections)

    Hi everyone again! I just recently had COVID-19 just over a week ago and I have to say, I thought it would be much much worse, given my existing health problems too. I only had symptoms for one day, then they basically subsided and I appeared to be asymptomatic. The only symptoms I had though...
  6. SeanQHX1

    Suspected Heart Murmur and Further Cognitve Tests

    Hi everyone again, I just thought I'd report back with another update on my health situation. My GP gave my heartbeat a listen during an appointment and reckons that I have some kind of heart murmur, so I've now been refered to a cardiologist. My heart has been doing all kinds of crazy abnormal...
  7. leokitten

    Could psilocybin be beneficial in ME?

    I recently saw an episode of The is Life with Lisa Ling on CNN talking about using psilocybin or MDMA to treat PTSD, and each of the cases in the episode said they took most every antidepressant or other potentially useful psychiatric medicine from the pharmaceutical industry and nothing worked...
  8. SeanQHX1

    Brain symptoms still getting worse - Losing hope

    Hi everyone again. After looking through some old threads, I see that someone previously reported brain symptoms which are exactly like mine and couldn't have put it any better into words. This was after I spent years thinking that I was the only one in the planet with this mysterious brain...
  9. H

    How to objectify brain fog / cognitive dysfunction?

    I was always wondering, if brain fog / cognitive issues are part of my issue. I mean, it seems so, somehow. When I take a look on the ICC and CCC criteria, I match nearly every cognitive problem mentioned there. Its definitely a much milder form of cognitive problems than others have. At least...
  10. mbunke

    Is neural/limbic retraining (DNRS) a treatment for ME/CFS or not?

    I am trying to get some clear information on this, so I want to make this question very specific. I am not talking about co-morbid conditions like mold sensitivity, multiple chemical sensitivity, migraines, MCAS, food intolerance, allergies, etc. If you have healed from those illnesses through...