Strange Symptoms with COVID-19 (and all other infections)

Glasgow, Scotland
Hi everyone again!

I just recently had COVID-19 just over a week ago and I have to say, I thought it would be much much worse, given my existing health problems too.

I only had symptoms for one day, then they basically subsided and I appeared to be asymptomatic. The only symptoms I had though during the day was this really horrible, agonising feeling in my head and a dizzy feeling. It's something I can only describe as the worse feeling ever. It seemed to cause a feeling of tiredness too that just affects my head, causing it to feel heavy and having to rest it.

My head feels generally like this all the time anyway, but gets a lot worse, to the point of being unbearable, during any bugs or infections I've taken since my "Donnington Disease" illness in 2016. This is always the first warning sign, before I start to get any other symptoms.

Then at night, I had these sudden night sweats where my heart would go into an SVT episode, beating at 170-200 beats a minute for up to an hour at a time. Again, I get these symptoms anyway on a random basis. But during the first night whenever I get symptoms of an infection, I get scary severe episodes like this. I had one of these episodes for 2 hours, called an ambulance and got admitted to hospital one time because of it, where I was found to have a chest infection. But again, these heart episodes only last for one night, then they go away the next day along with all my other symptoms. As well as that, I very rarely get any infections and only get these symptoms now when I do.

So COVID-19 was basically just like any other infection I've taken since the Donnington Disease struck: a very short period of the symptoms I've mentioned, then becoming asymptomatic very quickly. And that leaves me wondering about my mysterious Donnington Disease illness. It seems that I'm not immunocompromised in any way with my illness and more the opposite in fact, my immune system seems to be overactive. And most of that overactivity seems to be in my brain more than anything, judging by all my cognitive and head symptoms. Does anyone here have any thoughts they could share on this? Thanks.
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