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  1. Hip

    Salidroside (from the herb Rhodiola rosea) is as effective against coxsackievirus B as the antiviral ribavirin

    Salidroside is one of the active principles of Rhodiola rosea, a herb which is used for anxiety, fatigue and depression. An in vivo study on mice found that salidroside doses of 20, 40 and 80 mg/kg improved survival rate in mice infected with coxsackievirus B3, and performed better than the...
  2. Hip

    The lives of all hospitalised COVID patients given spirulina were saved; but 19% of COVID patients died in the control group not given this supplement

    An Iranian study randomly assigned hospitalised COVID patients to either receiving standard care alone, or receiving standard care along with spirulina for 6 days. The group of 91 hospitalised COVID patients who were given 15.2 grams of spirulina daily as well as standard care had no deaths...
  3. Hip

    Long COVID ME/CFS patient goes into remission after 3 weeks on the antiviral sofosbuvir

    A long COVID patient on Reddit (Warm_Camera_7052) with ME/CFS symptoms reports that after he took the antiviral sofosbuvir for just 3 weeks, this put his illness into full remission. He has only been in remission for one month though, so relapse remains a possibility. His brother with LC...
  4. chilove

    Increased viral symptoms with antiviral treatments/supplements?

    Hi all, my integrative medicine doctor recently did some testing and found out that I have an active case of re-activated EBV. She had me start on a few different supplements for it including Monolaurin (Which I was already taking 3 times per day) Lysine Zinc Des Bio homeopathics Byron...
  5. M

    Is there a way to negate the negative mitochondrial effects of antivirals?

    I'm due to start Acyclovir and from researching it seems most antivirals cause some degree of Mitochondrial Toxicity. Is there a way to avoid or negate these toxicity side effects? From this table there's a host of effects from Acyclovir: Source...
  6. Hipsman

    New drug that "hunts" for specific virus in cells and then destroys these cells.

    Thought this was interesting because they say it can be "tuned" to hunt for any specific virus, not just covid. Also they say it will be on the market in 2 years if everything goes to plan. This is their paper on it I think...
  7. G

    Tips on tolerating Valcyte?

    I started taking Valcyte a few weeks ago, I first started with the dose my doctor (a CFS/ME specialist) gave me at 450mg 2x a day. It initially gives me a boost but after a day or two really makes me even more fatigued and a bit depressed. I started taking a much smaller dose, just 1/8th of a...
  8. Hip

    NZ team reactivate research into DRACO (renamed VTose), the universal antiviral that could cure ME/CFS

    A team in New Zealand have picked up the baton on the universal antiviral DRACO, which might cure ME/CFS and many other diseases linked to viruses, as well fight a wide range of acute and chronic viral infections in humans and animals. Rick Kiessig and Phil Oliver created a biotech start-up...
  9. Hip

    Could the hydroxychloroquine + zinc coronavirus antiviral combo also work for enterovirus ME/CFS?

    A new study found evidence that hydroxychloroquine 400 mg plus zinc 50 mg daily has efficacy against COVID-19. This is in contrast to several other studies which found that hydroxychloroquine without zinc is not effective for COVID-19. Hydroxychloroquine is a zinc ionophore, meaning that it...