1. frozenborderline

    [Indie Band] Belle and Sebastian Frontman: "Living with ME makes me feel like a non person " He's also an OMF ambassador. He's one of one of most prominent famous people with our illness. Albeit more mild than a lot of us bedridden folks. But apparently early on he...
  2. frozenborderline

    NIH misallocating funds and moving slow on Long covid research
  3. frozenborderline

    Looking for possible panel participants on a podcast

    Discussion re long Covid and me/cfs and the government response to these diseases. Researchers, activists and patients all welcome. The magazine that does the podcast has big circulation so its kind of a big deal that they're doing something on me/cfs
  4. frozenborderline

    An Open Letter to the Open Medicine Foundation, by Kaylin Jones Another person asking the OMF to look into mold or environmental toxins in ME/CFS. So far they haven't responded. But lets keep trying. If anyone else has experienced environmental...
  5. MaximilianKohler

    Who to contact to get an FMT clinical trial with high quality donors?

    I've been following the microbiome literature daily for 4+ years while cataloging it all into this wiki: There is tremendous support for FMT being close to a panacea with the major caveat being that the donor is in perfect health, with an...