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What supplement protocol to start?

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by mthfr677, Oct 27, 2016.

  1. mthfr677



    Most of my life I've had migraines, cubital tunnel, random exhaustion, anxiety, and as of the past few years you can add brain fog and problems with word recall.

    I've really been going after the migraines with random supplements hoping that it was a nutritional deficiency and once I solved the migraines the rest would also get better. However I've never been able to go migraine free for more than 2 weeks. I've tried magnesium, b2, b12, coq10, fish oil, 5htp, etc etc.

    So as of recently I had my genetics testing done with 23andMe and uploaded that to nutrihacker. I found that I have the rare 677TT homogyzous gene. I thought for sure that was the cause since high homocycesteine can cause migraines. However I was disappointed when my tests came for homocyesteine in the normal range , 7.6 if i recall correctly.

    Here's my methylation /detox genes:

    rs1695 GSTP1 +/+
    rs1208 NAT2 +/+
    rs1801280 NAT2 -/+
    rs6323 MAO-a +
    rs651852 BHMT08 +/+
    rs1801181 CBS -/+
    rs234706 CBS -/+
    rs1801133 MTHFR +/+
    rs1805087 MTR -/+
    rs1801394 MTRR +/+
    rs154410 VDR -/+
    rs731236 VDR -/+

    I've started taking methyfolate, so far i'm only up 1.5mg. I'm also taking TMG 1mg, Nac .5mg, and methyb12 1mg. The methyb12 seems to be the one thats giving me issues. I accidently took a 5mg pill of methyb12 thinking it was the 500mcg. I became super exhausted and couldn't do anything but lay in bed for a few hours. Even when I only take 1mg my anxiety seems to spike. I've tried hydroxb12 and had similar results. Should I try Adenosylcobalamin? Also my migraines seem to be about the same since starting this protocol if not worse.

    Any other suggestions on what I should be taking or testing?

  2. Hip

    Hip Senior Member

    For anxiety see here. For ME/CFS see here.

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