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those who are on Xyrem would love your advice

Discussion in 'Sleep' started by humanrising, Oct 15, 2018.

  1. humanrising


    I am so sleep deprived its making me a little nuts. I have had insomnia forever and have done it all. Everything but Xyrem. I am now falling asleep during the day like a truck hits me and knocks me down but even that sleep is not long and iam not fully under. I haven't slept more then 2 hours at a time in several years.
    my pain is worse, my brain is toast and I honestly feel that I won't be here much longer if I don't sleep. afraid my heart is just going to give up.
    I ve been in contact with the very nice helpful people at Xyrem . They have give me names of doctors who prescribe near me but they are far and few between and interestingly enough, when I look them up the majority have the worst reviews and health grades I ve ever seen. I already feel abused my doctors and am losing the strength to deal with a series of more terrible doc's.
    wondering if anyone who is on it saw someone in California they could recommend . I would also like to share what there experience was getting this prescribed. REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR THOUGHTS AND ADVICE!!! thank you and blessings!
  2. HRManager

    HRManager "Deal with it"

    Illinois, USA
  3. Henrik


    I think GHB has an bad reputation which doesn't seem to be deserved. I would like to see more knowledgeable people chime in, but every study I find is very positive. Unlike with say Ambien or Benzos you are actually asleep with GHB-induced sleep. As in you get REM-sleep and you feel rested the next day.

    I think the problem comes not from the effect (it's great), but rather from the potential of abuse. I can definitively be addictive to some people and it got a lot of bad press for being used in some rape cases in the 90's. Having something nick named the "date-rape" drug will make doctors stop prescribing it real quick no matter how good it is.

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