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POLL: Swollen lymph nodes: Did you have these before getting ME/CFS, or did they only appear after?

Discussion in 'Immunological' started by Hip, Mar 15, 2011.


For those with swollen lymph nodes, and a clearcut infectious (or other cause) onset of ME/CFS:

  1. My swollen lymph nodes were present BEFORE the infection (or other event) that triggered my ME/CFS

  2. My swollen lymph nodes only appeared AFTER the infection (or other event) that triggered my ME/CFS

  1. ChrisD

    ChrisD Senior Member

    East Sussex
    (a) Do you have swollen lymph nodes as part of your CFS symptoms?
    Mine are not painfully swollen but constantly enlarge to 'pea-size' from usual size, slightly tender to touch and squeeze.
    (b) Were these swollen lymph nodes present before the triggering event/infectious agent (such as a virus) that you believe precipitated your CFS, or did they only appear after your experienced your triggering event/infectious agent?

    I had noticed that in about two years run up to my onset of ME/cfs that when ever I became tired or run down with illness or just overdoing life, then these nodes would become enlarged and become slightly sore. Particularly the two either side of the jaw on the neck, and one in the middle of the neck between the shoulders at the bottom of the throat.

    Now they are permanently enlarged.

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