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Glutathione Supplementation?

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by Ema, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Ema

    Ema Senior Member

    Midwest USA
    I was thinking about trying the TD glutathione cream but thought I remembered reading some posts when I first joined that glutathione supplementation while trying to get the methylation protocol started was perhaps not a good idea? I can't remember the details exactly so I am hoping that someone else can help fill in the gaps. I think that it also suggested avoiding NAC and other things that might turn into glutathione...any ideas what I might be remembering (badly)?

    Is it a good idea or not to supplement glutathione or glutathione precursors while working on the methylation protocol?

  2. Dreambirdie

    Dreambirdie work in progress

    N. California
    Yes, I want more info about this too. AND ALSO which glutathione supp (besides the TD kind) is effective.
  3. Red04

    Red04 Senior Member

    My wife had glutathione injections and IV glutathione treatment by doctor Salvato in Houston. This didn't help her and it was hard to tell, but likely mad her worse.

    Salvato refernced some of Rich VanK's work from 10 years ago, which I think he now concludes doesn't work.

    About 3 months into freddd's protocol and her ME/CFS was about 90% cured.

    I concluded from this and hundreds of hours on a few websites, that the methylation protocols raised glutathione better than supplementing glutahione. I dont know your story, but if I were in your shoes I would look to get your body to produce/activate/protect/utilize glutathione, rather than supplement it directly.
  4. richvank


    Hi, all.

    I encouraged people to boost gltutathione directly from about 1999 through 2004. It gave temporary help to some, but was not a permanent way to raise glutathione. In late 2004 I read the work of S.Jill James et al. in autism. They found that glutathione was also low in autism, but that it could be raised by lifting the partial methylation cycle block that is upstream of glutathione synthesis in the sulfur metabolism. I encouraged people with ME/CFS to try this, since the biochemistry in autism and ME/CFS are quite similar. It turned out to work for most people who tried it. The simplified methylation protocol is designed to lift this partial block.

    Since this treatment seems to lower glutathione initially, and this is likely responsible for the excitotoxicity that many people experience initially on this protocol, more recently I have suggested adding something to support glutathione initially, either liposomal glutathione or acetylglutathione. I've also suggested trying L-cystine (not to be confused with L-cysteine) to suppport glutathione in the brain. This should not be done if a high body burden of mercury is suspected, since it may move mercury into the brain. I haven't received much feedback on these approaches yet.

    There are other things that people have taken to lower excitotoxicity. They have included GABA, theanine, magnesium, taurine, progesterone cream, valerian, grape seed extract, and pycnogenol. Some people report that one or another of these has helped them.

    As always. I recommend working with a physician while on this type of protocol.

    Best regards,

  5. Lotus97

    Lotus97 Senior Member

    United States
    NAC can cause the same problems as L-Cysteine for those with a high body burden of Mercury as Rich mentioned in his post above. Here is a link to Rich's most recent protocol where he outlines how to restore Glutathione through Methylation. There is some additional information in the comments section below the article and continue on the second page which might be especially useful for those with mercury issues:

    Freddd also has a protocol for Methylation. This is the most recent one I could find.

    If someone has a link to another of Fredd's recent protocols please post it here because I would like to read it and I'm sure a lot of other people would too.
  6. Shannon


    I have actually been very curious about this and really need some help with it right now...ive been on glutathione & ATP injections daily for a few months and they have done wobders for me...I found out about my MTHFR not to long ago and decided to introduce MethylB12 injections and eventually methylfolate to jopefully benefit me more than the glutathione will in the long run...I staryed taking 7.5mg MethylB12 subq everyother day but have still been taking glutathione on the days I dont do the B12..I plan on reducing and cutting out the glutathione and eventually increasing B12 to 12.5mg subq every other day...my proble. Is im a walking zombiw without the glutathione & ATP, im better on the days on it and the few days I did the B12 shots I noticed my chills and sweats were more severe than usual (its hard for me to tell side effects because a lot of them are daily symptoms for me)
    Im wondering if this could be messing up my B12 introduction, should I get energy right away from B12 or does it slowly take time to notice the benefits?
    Part if me just wants to stay on glutathione for life because it works and I cant find a promising methylB12 protocol.. Any ways any thoughts? Dont inow if continuing the glut is wise, and what should I expect switching to a methylB12 protocol??

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