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emergency report from China

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by hanchuchu, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. _Kim_

    _Kim_ Guest

  2. hanchuchu

    hanchuchu Senior Member

    Kim, thanks.


    I have sent emails to Hong Kong guy. Hopefully, I can get reply soon. Hong Kong is a much easier access for me. If I can find all the medicines in need in Hong Kong, it would be the best.

    I also heard that some infected has gone to Hong Kong to communicate with local labs and see whether a test can be conducted.

    I almost share all useful info here with the infected. Unfortunately, some of them just don't believe me.. Some infected has taken the medicine recommended by Kurt, and it works. Well, most of the infected cannot afford expensive stuffs.

    I believe Pasteur Shanghai has the capability to help us and we will wait for the result.

    Thanks again.

    I will translate the TCM I previously posted into English today, so people here can take the extracts of them.
  3. hanchuchu

    hanchuchu Senior Member

    TCM translation

    see below:

    黄芪 astragalus root
    丹参 Salviae Miltiorrhizae
    麦冬 dwarf lilyturf root
    五味子 Schisandra chinensis
    灵芝 lucidum
    红参 red ginseng
    枸杞 Matrimony vine
    何首乌 Polygonum multiflorum
    白术 white atractylodes rhizome
    地黄 Rehmannia glutinosa Libosch
    淫羊藿 Icraiin
    鹿茸 pilous antler
    冬虫夏草 caterpillar fungus
    女贞子 Ligustrum lucidum
    当归 angelica
    茯苓 Poria cocos
    甘草 liquorice
    狗脊 rhizoma cibotii
    香菇 Shitake Mushroom

    Note: I cannot ensure the precision of the translation. Please consult some TCM doctors prior to taking the extracts of them. The above TCMs are often used by us for the boost of immune system. I think they also work for you guys.

    Thanks for being with us for such a long time.
  4. ramakentesh

    ramakentesh Senior Member

    Sounds like a new viral outbreak to me - not connected to XRMV but potentially a retro virus.
    Are people actually dying from this infection or does it just result on chronic illness.
    Since the symptoms of Chronic fatigue syndrome are non specific its quite easy to try and fit them to your condition, but if you are certain that this infection is sexually transmitted and quite contagious then I doubt that what you are report is CFS or anything related.

    I hope you find out what it is - I find it frustrating for you that you cant get medicine to take you seriously - sounds pretty similar to most of us.
  5. hanchuchu

    hanchuchu Senior Member

    I don't think it is CFS, because some of the infected will recover after a period of time, but some will experience continous fatigue. If it is a retro virus, we have no hope at all. The report say some people have died of lung cancer or other lung-related illness. I am also suffering from the lung problems. However, so far as I know, one person has survived for 9 years.

    The biggest problem is that the authority never admit the truth and won't take immediate action. Endless waiting... In China, we cannot get many medicines without prescription, which the doctor refuses to give us becasue they cannot diagose.

    I think the truth will be unvailed within one or two years. Pasteur shanghai is studying the blood samples now.
  6. ramakentesh

    ramakentesh Senior Member

    I used to live in China - I was able to obtain viagra and all sorts of medications in pharmacies without prescription. In my experience pharms were easier to obtain in China than back home.
    Perhaps you mean antiviral treatments? I assume you've tried traditional medicine such as panax ginseng?
  7. Hip

    Hip Senior Member

    Infected With The Same Virus

    Dear Hanchuchu

    VERY interesting to read your comments.

    I believe that I (and several other people) may have been infected with the same new virus. I caught this virus in 2003. It spreads via saliva, and has spread to my family and friends. The doctors and infectious disease specialists I saw did not help (other than to eliminate other possible causes).

    I was so concerned about this suspected new virus that I created a blog about it, which you can read here:

    If, for some reason, you cannot click on this link, search in Google for the phrase "Chronic Sore Throat / Mood Virus" to find my blog.

    There is a small community of people active in my blog, from the English-speaking countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia), that appear to have very similar symptoms. I think many have the same virus as me (though some just have ordinary CFS).

    I have a strong suspicion that my virus is a new enterovirus: it has all the characteristics of enterovirus. Some people have had heart attacks on catching it, or got serious heart infections, or pericarditis. These symptoms are very typical of some enteroviruses: they attack the heart muscle or heart pericardium.

    Many enterovirus are known to be immuno-suppressive, and my virus certainly seems to allow may other opportunistic bacterial infections to appear.

    In terms of treatment, as you know, there is not that much available for enterovirus (assuming it is an enterovirus). I have tried oxymatrine (from the herb Sophora root - KU SHEN in Chinese) as recommended by Dr Chia, but had no improvement.

    However, I have found some dietary supplements that do help, as follows:

    Let me explain: For me the worst symptoms of this virus were the mental state changes: I suffered such horrendous anxiety, that it almost reached a state of psychosis (extreme anxiety is known to cause psychosis-like states). This anxiety is more than just the foggy-brain of CFS - there is an extreme torture with this anxiety.

    It took me several years of experimenting, but finally I worked out the main cause of my anxiety states. I believe my anxiety states are caused directly by the ongoing thick sinus congestion (sinusitis) this virus creates. Sinus infection often just feels like mild pressure in the head. The sinuses are located very close to the brain, and I believe the constant sinus infection somehow affects the brain biochemistry, and so causes this anxiety state.

    Therefore what you have to do is treat the sinus infection, and you will find your anxiety, and general mental state, will be much improved.

    The oral supplements that work for me to clear the sinus congestion are:

    Echinacea herb (Echinacea purpurea or Echinacea angustifoli)
    Cat's claw herb (Uncaria tomentosa, GOU TENG in Chinese)
    Propolis (from bees)
    Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha)
    Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum, LING ZHI in Chinese)
    MSM tablets (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)

    I found that once you have you sinusitis under control, you will feel a lot better mentally. You will still be tired, and have some depression, anhedonia (lack of pleasure in life), and memory problems (all normal in CFS), but the torture of extreme constant anxiety bordering on psychosis will disappear.

    Oral supplements that help reduce the "biting" sensations ("pins and needles" as they are colloquially called, or the medical term is "paresthesias"):

    Lemon balm herb (Melissa officinalis)
    Milk thistle (Silybum marianum)

    One supplement that is generally effective is an unusual one: it is called the "Salt and C" protocol.

    The Salt and C protocol is this: put half a teaspoon (4 grams) of ordinary salt (sodium chloride), and half a teaspoon (4 grams) of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) powder, in a large glass of water (300 ml), and drink. Add some sodium bicarbonate if necessary to reduce acidity of the ascorbic acid.

    NOTE: You have to take all of the above supplements 2 to 3 times a day.

    Other than that, you may find the general supplements used in chronic fatigue syndrome useful. For example: L-carnitine for energy, piracetam for mental clarity, etc.

    Of course, this does not solve the problem of identifying this virus, but these supplements do help live with it for the moment.

    I am not 100% sure that the my virus is the same as the "Fear of AIDS Disease" virus circulating in China, but the symptoms you describe are remarkably similar to mine. When you read my blog, you can make up your own mind.

    You may also be interest in looking up Morgellons disease on Google. This is a newly-merging disease all around the world, and also has similar symptoms.

    I have written to the CDC, etc, to try to get interest in this virus, but without any response.

    Well, that's all for now.

    I hope this helps.

    You can contact me here, via email, or via my blog.

    My online name is "Hip".


    EARLY SYMPTOMS (first few weeks):-

    ✔ Chronic Sore Throat that never fully heals.
    ✔ Constant Stuffy / Congested Nose with unusually thick mucus.

    ADDITIONAL SYMPTOMS (appear after a few months):-

    ✔ Depression and low mood.
    ✔ Generalized Anxiety, which can get VERY extreme.
    ✔ Powerful Psychological Changes and cognition disruptions.
    ✔ Loss of Desires and sense of pleasure (anhedonia); loss of libido.
    ✔ Social Withdrawal – escaping social activities more and more.
    ✔ Loss of Drive and motivation (athymhormia).
    ✔ Memory Problems, both short-term and long-term recall.
    ✔ Unusual Sleepiness and a tendency to fall asleep more.
    ✔ Chronic Fatigue and loss of energy.
    ✔ Stomach Ache and Pains, with stomach / bowel rumbling.
    ✔ Pins and Needles (persistent paresthesia), especially in legs.
    ✔ Receding Gums and a sudden onset of periodontal disease.

    LATER SYMPTOMS (appear at approximately 12 to 18 months):-

    ✔ Slight Wrinkling of the Skin with unusual, fine-textured wrinkles.
    ✔ Weak Legs and hips: legs and hip girdle feel loose.
    ✔ Loose Joints, as if the ligaments are becoming weak.
    ✔ Subtle Loss of Hearing Acuity in identifying sounds.
    ✔ Progressive Hearing Loss in elderly, sometimes only in one ear.
    ✔ Less Frequently: tinnitus; blurred vision; joint pains.

    See for more in-depth details.
  8. hanchuchu

    hanchuchu Senior Member


    I think the syptoms are similar. In China, some infected will recover their energy after two or three weeks, some will never. Different people have different degree of disability. Some of them are very serious, some not. In terms of the mental illness, I am suffering them very hardly. I almost share all the thoughts with you-easy to get angry, escape from friends...

    Why don't you write Charles an email and see whether he can help or not. If we have the same virus, your blood sample will be the best for the test. Charles has problems in getting the samples from China.

    I will contact pasteur and see whether they can conduct a gene sequence test for entervirus, even for the new ones. I believe a well-designed test can rule out mutation, right? They can use gene sequence to determine the virus family.

    One last question, are you XMRV-negative? How did you get this virus?


    Keep in touch.
  9. Hip

    Hip Senior Member

    Dear Hanchuchu

    I will contact Charles Chiu as soon as possible - this looks very hopeful, especially as I see Charles used to work at DeRisi Lab, where they have the ViroChip.

    The XMRV test is too expensive at the moment, but I expect the price will go down soon, and then I will take the test. But XMRV is only found in 3.7% of the population (giving them a predisposition to CFS, so the hypothesis says). But the virus I have affects everybody, to some degree, even if they do not get full CFS, nearly everyone that catches it has some personality change (many people dislike socializing after getting this virus), and nearly everyone starts to have memory problems. I know more than 15 people with this virus.

    I may take the Dr John Chia test for enterovirus (VP1 protein test), using scrapings from my white tongue coating, to see if this white coating contains enterovirus. Then at least I can know it is enterovirus for sure. But the Chia test does not identify the type of enterovirus.

    Please consider the sinus (nasal congestion) - mental state connection. Fixing this sinus/nasal congestion with immune-boosting herbs (Echinacea, Cat's Claw, as I described above) was a big help for my mental state symptoms. It may help you too. Anything that clears the nasal congestion is good.

    Let us keep in contact, to try to solve this problem.

  10. hanchuchu

    hanchuchu Senior Member

    detailed comparison


    I want to direct you to a web and see whether they will help you out.

    The comparison of syptoms: (you should also refer to the syptoms I posted before)

    a bad sore throat --yes, never can be healed, appeared very soon after infected
    nose problem--we don't have, so far as I know
    lung/chest pain--yes, appeared after 5-6 months
    stomach--desire to omit and lose apetite--appeared very soon after infected,but will disappear later
    intestines produced gas (flatulence), bowel rumbles and bowel bloating--yes, all the infected have this, but some of them will suffer continously, some not. appeared very soon after infected
    mental state changes --different people with different degree
    fatigue and sleepiness --all the infected experience this soon after being infected, some will recover, some will never
    pins and needles or skin crawling sensation--all the infected share this, they can be seen very obviously when exposed to sunshine or hot water. Will disappear as time goes on, but it will take a long time.
    loss of taste and smell--some yes, some no.
    my gums--all suffer this, but some may heal as time goes on
    tongue coating--all suffer this, almost cannot be removed forever
    vision began to deteriorate-some yes, some no
    parchment-like wrinkling of the skin -some yes, in serious case
    weak legs (and loose hips), and joint looseness--not obviously, but will face standing difficulty
    spasm in the muscles--some yes, some no
    immune system weakening-sure, the CD4 and CD8 indicates
    incubation period --soon will feel don't well, but three or five days later, real nightmare begins.
    progressive loss of hearing--some yes, some no
    increased tinnitus-some yes, some no
    sense of balance becoming noticeably less acute--yes, standing difficulty
    hoarse voice --not serious
    viral headache--yes, but will disappear
    psoriasis--yes, all shares this
    large area of red greasy (almost waxy texture) skin on the chest--some yes, in serious case
    increased hair loss (alopecia)-some yes, some no
    cold hands and feet--yes
    slow wound healing--not discovered
    weight gain on stomach--yes,but will disappear later
    kidney pains--all suffer this for a long long time, very obvious sometimes
    joint pains--yes, but some people won't suffer long
    muscle cramps-yes
    sudden episodes of racing heart (tachycardia) and heart palpitations--yes, sometimes
    aseptic (viral) meningitis--not really diagnosed
    alcohol tolerance becomes decreased--yes, very obvious
    a chronic, persistent and active infection--yes, biggest difference from HIV
    Although some of its symptoms improve, others symptoms seem to get worse-agree, but some people can improve all the syptoms except the tongue coating.
    spread to most other members of their household--some yes, some no (confusing)

    Hip, what I want to tell you is that comparing our syptoms is meaningful, but not much that meaningful. What we should do is to find out the virus soonest possible. It has ruined our lives. I always cry when I think of my beloved ones. The web I posted for you may be helpful. You can contact Charles if you like and you can find the contact info online. You never told me how you get infected. But people in China, most are victims of a random sex. I hope we can share info on a daily basis. I failed to find the hospital to do a enterovirus test in my city until now and I don't know why the best hospitals does not test this item.

    TCM does work for us, but can never kill the virus. I hope we can find the virus soonest possible. We are reaching out for various research centers for assistance and Pasteur Shanghai is studying the samples. They have denied any possiblity of the mutation of HIV, but still undergoes further research. You know what, with our efforts, more and more research centers are aware of this disease and wants to help.

    You should fight hard--let the media, CDC, the expert,the ordinary people know. If you don't fight as hard as you can, people will not hear your voice and no one comes to help. Some infected directed me to this forum and then leads to Charels' step-in. You are in a democratic country and you can do whatever you do to raise people's concern..

    I am experiencing bad times--sometimes, just wants to kill myself. But it is really hard when you think of the beloved ones. Kim is helping me get it through. Thanks you for trusting us.

    I will share the most updated info with your guys. Do keep in touch and write me emails if necessary.

    I owe you a debt of gratitute. Kim, Jackie, Kurt and you are with me. Thanks.

    The truth will be found someday.

  11. _Kim_

    _Kim_ Guest

  12. Hip

    Hip Senior Member

    Scientific observations

    Hi Han

    I have just re-read this entire thread again, and noticed you said: "Every morning when I open my eyes, I know another miserable day begins. I feel scared to be exposed to the sunshine and only darkness makes feel a little bit secure." THIS IS PRECISELY THE SAME FOR ME, I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL. I AVOID THE DAYTIME LIGHT AND NOISE, AND SURVIVE ONLY IN THE CALMNESS OF NIGHT. For many years now I almost hoped that I would suddenly drop dead, because my mental state was so bad. I felt like this every day for 5 years. For me the trouble was not the mental fatigue, or memory problems, or even the depression, but more the extreme misery of intense constant anxiety, plus anhedonia - the loss of all emotion, and all sense of pleasure in life, which gives a sense of having your "life force" taken from you.

    However, in the last year, I think the herbs, etc, that I am taking are making my symptoms much better, so this has improved my psychological state. But it took many years of trying every herb or supplement I could get, to find the ones that worked for me.

    Like you, I am also worried about the effects of my virus on the rest of the world. I observed that approximately 1 in 10 people who catch my virus get the VERY SEVERE symptoms that I got. The other 9 out of 10 are OK, - but it is clear that they are permanently a little more tired, depressed, many getting fine skin wrinkles, and lacking in enthusiasm for life (that is, they also have a degree of anhedonia). And everyone's memory is affected to some level. My virus has also apparently caused heart attacks (cardiac arrest) in some people, and cases of myocarditis (infection of the heart muscle), pericarditis (infection of the membrane lining that surrounds the heart). It may be that your chest pains are a mild ongoing heart infection like this - or some lung problem.

    Comparison of Symptoms

    It is very interesting to read your above responses (in the comparison of symptoms) to my list of symptoms. Nearly every comment you have added is very close what I have observed in my virus, including the prevalence (that is, what percentage of the infected people having each listed symptom). For example, you say "progressive loss of hearing -- some yes, some no". This is the same here. In the case of hearing loss, I noticed that older people 60+ are very rapidily affected by this hearing loss. Nobody has become deaf, just say 30% loss of hearing. All the senses, in fact, touch, sight, taste, smell and hearing seem to degrade slightly, losing their acuity.

    THE MOST IMPORTANT SIMILARITY is the parchment-like wrinkling of the skin: only because this is a very unusual symptom, so the fact that it identical adds weight to the possibility we have the same virus.

    Other symptom similarities are not so important: for example, muscles aches, pins and needles, fatigue, sore throat - these are commonly found in many types of viral infection, so they are not unique to any one virus.

    I think the main differences between the symptom list for your virus, and the symptom list for mine, are as follows:

    MINE: Only a few people get chest pains - and mostly this is acute pains, not chronic, usually connected to heart infections. Some people have had non-fatal heart attacks directly after catching my virus (enterovirus often attacks the heart).
    YOURS: Everyone has chest pains.
    REMARKS: I cannot explain this difference.

    MINE: Many people with this virus (2 out of 3) get a chronic sinus infection, and/or constant heavy mucus in their nose. The is no pain in the sinus infection - just a mild feeling of pressure inside the head.
    YOURS: Nobody has this sinus infection or constant mucus.
    REMARKS: Since I understand that cow's milk and dairy products are eaten very rarely in China, and since milk strongly promotes sinus infections and mucus build-up in the nose, the lack of cow's milk/dairy in your diet might explain why nobody in your group of people has thee symptoms, compared to people here.

    Catching the Virus

    I caught my virus just from kissing. I then (a year later) gave it to other person through kissing (before I realized that it was dangerous virus) - and have given this virus to many more people, just by normal social contact at home, in the office, or say in a restaurant or public place. It is a respiratory virus, so it passes from person-to-person via saliva and/or nasal secretions. I noticed that it passes very easily when you are eating or drinking with people at the same table. I think this is because during talking and conversation, small specks of saliva can be ejected from your mouth, and onto other people's plates of food, or in their drinks, which then gets into their body. Like any respiratory virus, my virus must make contact with the mucus membranes (the gastrointestinal and respiratory tract) to be able to infect.

    I noticed you indicated that your virus spreads to all household members, once once person has it - though NOT IN ALL CASES, for some reason. Well, first let me say that for my virus, I noticed it took more than a year to pass to all household members, when one member was infected. So my virus is not actually very contagious. For example, a cold or influenza tends to spread very quickly around the house in days. So this virus is much less contagious than a cold or influenza virus. Does your virus have this type of level of contagiousness? If so, it again supports the idea that we have the same virus.

    Possibly one reason that it does not spread in certain households, once on member has caught it, is because that member may not have a throat or nasal infection from the virus, just brain, gut, lung, etc, infection. This means that they will not be shedding any of their viruses into the environment, as they will have no viruses in their saliva or nasal secretions - the virus in only found deep in their body. Only around 1 out of 3 people with my virus actually get a chronic sore throat. So I bet this explains your observations that your virus does not always spread to everyone in the home, even though one person already has the virus. If that person does not have the chronic sore throat symptom, they are much less contagious.

    Incubation Period of my Virus

    My virus has an extremely rapid incubation period, sometimes as fast as 8 hours. This is unusually fast, and is a quite unique feature of this virus. The incubation period is the time between the virus entering your body, and the arrival of the first symptoms (such as the sore throat or stomach ache). Many respiratory viruses take several days to weeks to incubate. So this rapid incubation period, that can be well under 24 hours, can be used as an identifying feature of the virus I caught.

    Have you made any observations on the incubation period of your virus? The incubation period can sometimes be observed in a situation when, for example, you meet a friend socially at a certain time (say eating in a restaurant together at a certain time). Then, if that friend they were to unfortunately catch the virus at the time they were with you, and if you know at what time later their first symptoms appeared (the first symptoms are the usually the sore throat, or stomach ache), then you can easily calculate the incubation period.

    Nowadays I am more careful to try not to eject saliva when I am in close company with people.

    The incubation period is very useful scientific information that helps identify and characterize a virus.

    Anti-HIV drugs????

    I note that you say that many people with Fear of AIDS Disease are taking anti-HIV drugs (even though they test HIV negative). Have you considered that these drugs may be making their symptoms much worse? Anti-HIV drugs put a heavy strain on the human body, and are probably entirely useless for your virus. They are likely to harm the health of those who take them. The only possible exception is the anti-HIV drug AZT (azidothymidine), which may have efficacy against XMRV.

    No known human retrovirus (HTLV-I, HTLV-II, HIV and XMRV) can transmit from person-to-person via respiratory secretions. So you must follow logic here, and realize that the retrovirus idea is unlikely (but keep an open mind), and concentrate on the types of viruses that can be transmitted via saliva.

    Enterovirus Hypothesis

    Please note that Dr John Chia very kindly read my blog (, and said that, in his opinion, my symptoms were most likely caused by an enterovirus. There are 68 human viruses in the enterovirus genus, and there are probably many more in circulation that have yet to be discovered and named. And, even though we are in the 21st century, the are still many difficulties in detecting and identifying enterovirus. So getting to the answer may be hard work. But it has to be done!!!
  13. hanchuchu

    hanchuchu Senior Member

    I will let you know once pasteur shanghai find the virus.
  14. hanchuchu

    hanchuchu Senior Member

    Hip, look at this

    To date, the ViroChip has been validated at UCSF for its ability to diagnose viral respiratory infections and gastroenteritis. For those blinded validation studies the technology was compared against conventional testing methods such as culture direct fluorescent antibody testing and PCR, said Chiu. He said that the center is "currently in the process of validating the ViroChip for clinical diagnostic use."
  15. jackie

    jackie Senior Member

    hi hanchuchu....sorry i have not been around much (have been in a very bad "crash"). So glad that you have Hip helping you. My next appointment w/Dr. Chia is in Feb. and if you need me to bring any info to him (in person) please let me know. BTW...I was so shocked to read about the wrinkly, parchement-like skin texture! I have this (and it matches the photos on Hips blog...I haven't shown them to anyone (not even Dr. Chia) looks so awful and I guess I was ashamed, somehow, - and also didn't think it was signifcant. ( my mother is 92 yrs. old, lives with me and her skin looks better than mine) It is very disticnctive looking - not like "real" wrinkles - more like fine parchment (I've tried many anti-wrinkle products to no avail). Also, I have the reddy-pink skin across my upper chest/neck...and severe Tinnitus and hearing loss in only one well as severe chest pain (crushing like a heart attack) upon the slightest exertion (maybe just walking a few feet). Right now I have horrendous viral headaches and continuous shingles in a band across the back of my head from ear to ear (several months now). I've been at 3200mgs. of Acyclovir for 1.5 years (and 1,000mgs. and up for a total of 3.5 years consecutively) and I'm wondering if they are losing their effectiveness finally, considering this is my worst crash yet (with a resurrgence of symptoms from before I started the antivirals). I'll be discussing this and the "skin" problems with Chia at my this thread has been an important help to me! I might not have known about these weird symptoms otherwise. Thank you, Hanchuchu and thank you, Hip! take care, jackie
  16. Hip

    Hip Senior Member

    Hi Jackie

    Very interesting to read your symptoms list, especially the fact that you also have parchment-like skin wrinkle symptoms. In all the online research I have done on CFS symptoms, I have has never found any mention of skin problems in connection the CFS. This appears to be quite unique.

    So I wonder if this is (a) because nobody has noticed this before, but these symptoms were there all the time in CFS, or (b) these parchment-like skin wrinkle symptoms are something only produced by certain viruses, like the one I caught. I am inclined to think (b) is correct. Having said that, it is known that levels of the enzyme elastase are generally higher in CFS patients. Elastase can dissolve elastin fibers in the skin, which may lead to such wrinkles. Perhaps my particular virus just generates much more elastase than in "normal" CFS, which then leads to this skin problem. However, this is just one possible explanation: there are other metabolic routes through which elastin can be also depleted.

    These strange skin symptoms (plus the extreme anxiety states precipitated by my virus in some people) are what makes me think that this virus I caught may be a new enterovirus (or perhaps a more virulent strain of an existing enterovirus).

    In any case, it is good to realize that we may be all in the same boat.

    By the way: if you want to treat the reddy-pink skin across the upper chest/neck, I found that daily topical magnesium - for example, strong Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) solution splashed onto that area of skin - produces a noticeable improvement in a matter of weeks. Topical magnesium is an old traditional remedy for psoriasis. You can also use milk of magnesia (this is magnesium hydroxide). I don't think the magnesium helps so much with the wrinkles though.
  17. Hip

    Hip Senior Member

    HI Hanchuchu

    The ViroChip is certainly the way to go with this virus. There is also the GreeneChip (at Columbia University), which is a very similar system. I read about this 18 months ago.

    ViroChip/GreeneChip detect viruses by their genetic fingerprint (just like in crime forensics), which is a much better and faster way than the current antibody, etc, virus tests. I believe that the ViroChip/GreeneChip contains details of every gene in every known virus. So, even if you have a new virus, the ViroChip/GreeneChip can detect it. This is because even a new virus is likely to contain genes that are already known (but just in a different selection or combination, to make a new virus). Just like if you have details of all the letters in English alphabet, you can read both existing words, and also, read any new words that appear.
  18. hanchuchu

    hanchuchu Senior Member

    recent update

    Dear all,

    We are making significant progress now. One international media will report our case soon and the world will know what happened in China in two or three days.

    The CDC and Charles' cooperation is undergoing some procedures from both sides. I think it is possible to get this done.

    Hope is there.

    Guys, you know what, You are helping us out. Kim, you did most of the work. Jackie, I don't know how u can help me now. just take the post here to him and see what will he respond.

    Hip, I have send my advice to you in an email.

  19. lostinthedesert

    lostinthedesert Killer, Clown, Priestess


    I have sent you a couple of private messages.

  20. hanchuchu

    hanchuchu Senior Member

    Thanks, Susan.

    Hip, what is going at your end? any progress? You should act and stop guessing the nature of the virus. Take your courage and write emails to the organization i emailed to you.

    Kim, let's wait for the news report, which will be a blockbuster in one week.

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