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Dr Sebelius new HHS budget, are we in there?

Discussion in 'Action Alerts and Advocacy' started by citybug, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. citybug

    citybug Senior Member

    A couple days ago Kathleen Sebellius was on CSPAn talking about the new budget for fy 2011 with cdc director Frieden and Wakefield. She mentioned patient centered research projects and they spoke about 25 new health centers. I think those are regular clinics. She said they had some money from the Recovery Act before the freeze. Does anyone know if we or WPI is in there? I think even if it were they wouldn't be saying Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Does anyone know who to ask there?
    Anyway I think it is a good time to be asking them again to fund WPI. kdp
  2. jspotila

    jspotila Senior Member

    My understanding is that none of these new health centers woud be CFS-related, despite the CFSAC's renewed recommendation for Centers of Excellence. The CFIDS Association is submitting budget language for FY 2011, and I'll post a link when that is available.

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