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DMG causing rapid detox and sores in mouth?

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by Chziime, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Chziime


    Hey fellers, I started taking dimethylglycine, but not for the methylation (otherwise I'd take TRImethylglycine amirite?). I don't take B12, or iron, or anything else that goes with it or is spoken about here. I heard of all the great things sarcosine and glycine do for the brain. I take 125mg 3x/day, and 2-3 days into this I got two bumps on the top of my mouth. They are only painful in the evenings. My eyes have also been a bit more sore (I've had blepharitis for a while) with my eyelids twitching sometimes. Now, I know DMG could cause a detox more powerful than many other things, but the interesting thing is that my larger bump is somewhat lined up with a small cavity I have. Or if you look at it another way, the bumps are both on opposite sides of the mouth, below the eyes!

    So, is this normal? How long would it last? I've never gotten these bumps before, EVER, but my eyes can get sore sometimes, it's just been worse. Should I look into lowering OR raising the DMG dose, or add anything else to alleviate this?

    Thanks Johan!
  2. Freddd

    Freddd Senior Member

    Salt Lake City
    Hi Johan,

    Methylb12 deficiency and/or folate deficiency can cause sores from mouth to anus and everywhere in between and skin lesions and many other forms of sores. In my experience here most things being called "detox" are a worsened deficiency of folate and/or mb12 and/or potassium.
  3. Chziime


    Hoh really? Well, I took my Jarrow B-Right today for the first time in MONTHS, but my "deficiency" symptoms never occurred in my life until I started DMG.
  4. Freddd

    Freddd Senior Member

    Salt Lake City
    Hi Johan,

    There are many cofactors in every biochemical or biological occurrence. So let us say that a process was stalled for want of a methyl group that DMG is now providing but now that it is provided, it runs into another missing factor almost as soon as it starts. This is a common problem that people who try to pick these things off one supplement at a time often run into. It's like trying to hunt a moose with a BB gun. Take a look at RED04's experience with his wife. She was tired of taking all those supplements and went to a multivitamin and crashed again shortly there after. When she went back to the "long form" she has since recovered.

    A good place to start is to take a look at the the long list of symptoms and signs of B12 and folate deficiencies and find ALL the symptoms and signs that match yours. Understand that even after those are in place something like zinc, magnesium, D3, C, E, A, b-complex and other deficiencies can be a co-cause of all these symptoms.


    Version 1.0, 07/13/09

    mouth sensitive to hot and cold
    sore burning tongue
    beef-red tongue, possibly smoother than normal
    sore mouth, no infection or apparant reason
    teeth sensitive to hot and cold
    canker sores
    burning bladder (no UTI)
    painful urgency (no UTI)
    burning urethra (no UTI)
    burning muscle pain
    accumulating muscle pains following exertion
    sore muscles
    lack of muscle recovery after exercise
    exercise does not build muscle
    extremely sore neck muscles reversing normal curvature of neck
    exercise deblitates for up to a week, making things much worse
    painfully tight muscles, especially legs and/or arms
    frequent muscle spasms anywhere in body
    muscle pain especially around attachment points to bones
    Eighteen severely tender muscle spots of FMS
    dyspepsia - sick stomach, nausea, regurgitation, vomiting, bloating, not emptying
    altered bowel habits
    abdominal pain
    loss of appetite for meat, fish, eggs, dairy, the only b12 contining foods, nutrient specific anorexia
    intermittent constipation
    intermittant diarrhea
    irritable bowel syndrome
    Crohns disease (direction of causality if any not established)
    Celiac disease (direction of causality if any not established) - gluten sensitivity
    Dairy sensitivity
    sores, ulcers and lesions along entire GI tract or any part
    reduced libido - loss of sexual desire
    loss of orgasmic intensity
    unsatisfying orgasms
    inability to orgasm
    loss and/or change of genital sensations - "gloved" loss of sensation
    burning genital skin sensation
    unable to become aroused
    reduced testosterone
    erectile disfunction
    low sperm count
    poor sperm motility
    Poor sperm quality
    Zero sperm count
    post partum depression
    post partum psychosis
    False positive pap smears, noncancerous cellular changes
    menstrual symptoms
    Frequent miscarriage
    child with neuro tube defects
    rapid heart rate
    heart arythymias
    shortness of breath
    heart palpitations
    weak pulse
    congestive heart failure
    Widespread pain throughout body
    Hypothyroid (direction of causality if any not established)
    High homocysteine
    High urinary MMA

    dizziness - even unable to walk

    SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder
    mental slowing
    personality changes
    chronic malaise
    poor concentration
    mood swings
    memory loss
    impaired connection to others
    mentally fuzzy, foggy, brainfog
    psychosis, including many of the most florid psychosis seen in literature, megoblastic madness
    strange "smells" that are not present like linen being ironed, burnt odors or tidal flats etc
    strange "sounds" that are not present, rustlings, mummurings, detonations etc
    deja vu experiences
    anxiety or tension
    impaired executive function
    cognitive impairment
    memory impairment
    Hypersensitivity to touch
    Hypersensitivity to odors
    Hypersensitivity to tastes
    Hypersensitivity to clothing texture
    Hypersensitivity to chemicals
    Hypersensitivity to body malfunctions, symtoms
    Hypersensitivity to sounds and noises
    Hypersensitivity to light and visual stimuli
    Hypersensitivity to blood sugar changes
    Hypersensitivity to internal metabolic changes
    Hypersensitivity to temperature changes
    Hypersensitivity to foods
    mild to extremely severe fatigue
    continuous extremely severe fatigue
    easy fatiguability
    severe abnormal fatigue up to and including apparent paralysis leading to death
    spastic paralysis

    sleep disorders
    non restorative sleep
    lack of dreaming
    Night terrors
    Prolonged hypnogogic state transitioning to sleep
    Sleep paralysis
    alteration of touch all over body, normal touch can be unpleasant and painful
    alterations and loss of taste
    alterations and loss of smell
    loss of smell and taste of strawberries specifically
    loss or alteration of smell and taste of potato chips specifically
    roughening and increased raspiness of voice, mb12 can smooth it outin mid word
    blurring of vision - can be sudden onset and sudden return
    dimmed vision - usually not noticed going into it because change can be very slow or present for life
    Visual impairment can be seen; ophthalmological exam may show bilateral visual loss
    optic atrophy
    optic neuritis
    optic neuropathy
    centrocecal scotomata
    intolerance to bright light
    diminished hearing - gradual onset or present for life, sudden return possible
    unclear hearing, garbled
    tinnitus - ringing in ears
    always feeling cold
    intolerance to loud sounds
    intolerance to multiple sounds
    inability to pick pick out one voice amongst many
    Brainstem or cerebellar signs or even reversible (with mb12) coma may occur
    neural tube defect not caused by folate deficiency or child with it
    demyelinated areas on nerves
    subacute combined degeneration
    axonial degeneration of spinal cord
    unsteadiness of gait
    ataxic gait, particularly in dark
    positive Romberg
    positive Lhermittes
    neuropathies, many types
    progressive bilateral neuropathies
    demyelination of nerves - white spots on nerves on MRIs
    loss of detail and sensual aspects of touch all over body
    paresthesias in both feet - burning, tingling,cobwebs, wet, hairs, pain, numbness, etc
    paresthesias in both legs - burning, tingling, cobwebs, wet, hair, pain, numbness, etc
    paresthesias in both hands - burning, tingling, cobwebs, wet, hairs, pain, numbness, etc
    paresthesias in both arms - burning, tingling, cobwebs, wet, hairs, pain, numbness, etc
    Loss of position sense is the most common abnormality (or vibration sense)
    Loss of vibration sense is the most common abnormality (or position sense)
    Loss of sense of joint position
    hands feel gloved with loss of sensitivity
    feet feel socked by loss of sensitivity
    neuropathic bladder
    unable to release bladder, mild to severe
    urinary incontenance - occasionally to frequently
    fecal incontinance - occasionally to frequently
    sudden electric like shocks/pains shooting down arms, body, legs shooting down from neck movement
    standing with eyes closed, a slight nudge or bump causes loss of balance
    most patients have signs of both spinal cord and peripheral nerve involvement
    The effect on reflexes is quite variable
    Motor impairment may range from only mild clumsiness to a spastic paraplegia
    slowed nerve impulses
    decreased reflexes
    difficulty swallowing
    brisk reflexes
    decreased deep tendon reflex
    toes turn up instead of down in reflex to sole stimulation
    Positive bilateral Babinski reflex
    Foot Drop
    impaired white blood cell response
    poor resistance to infections
    easy bruising
    pronounced anemia
    macrocytic anemia
    megablastic anemia
    pernicious anemia
    decreased blood clotting
    low hematocrit
    MCV > 92-94 first warning, MCV > 97-100 alert
    elevated MCH (Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin)
    elevated LDH
    big fat red cells (when said this way usually with happy or healthy modifying it completely misinterpreting results of MCV
    platelet dysfunction, low count
    white cell changes, low count
    hypersegmented neutrophils
    migraine headache cycles
    inflamed epithelial tissues - mucous membranes, skin, GI, vaginal, lungs, bladder
    inflamed endothelial tissues - lining of veins and arteries, etc
    high CRP without infection
    mucous becomes thick, jellied and sticky
    dermatitis herpetiformis, chronic intensely burning itching rash
    frequent infected follicles
    Seborrheic dermatitis
    skin on face, hands, feet, turns brown or yellow if anemia occurs
    poor hair condition
    thin nails
    transverse ridges on nails, can happen as healing starts
    splits/sores at corners of mouth
    Hyperhidrosis - excessive sweating
    Bariatric surgery
    glutathione, glutathione producing supplements such as NAC/glutamine
    tegretol and some other medications
    Relatives, grandparant, parent, sibling, child, grandchild ever needing b12 shots or supplement
    brain atrophy with ileal tuberculosis preventing b12 absorbtion

    delayed myelination
    failure to thrive
    delayed speech
    frequent or continuous toncilitis
    frequent strep
    frequent pneumonia
    frequent longlasting supposed viral illnesses that linger and linger and linger
    everything goes to the lungs for extended periods
    growing pains
    skin problems
    continuous swolen glands in neck
    low grade fever for years
    Night terrors
    Prolonged hypnogogic state transitioning to sleep
    Sleep paralysis
  5. aprilk1869

    aprilk1869 Senior Member

    Scotland, UK
    Out of interest my dad had problems for many months with eating hot and cold food. This was after he burnt his mouth on some hot lasagne. A week after upping the amount of vitamin C he was able to start eating normally again. I have no idea whether the vitamin C would've worked all on its own or whether it was working in conjunction with B12.
  6. Freddd

    Freddd Senior Member

    Salt Lake City
    Hi April,

    Vitamin C is very important for tissue formation and it's lack can prevent it. Low level scurvy is largely unrecognized these days. Lack of C can also cause frequent nosebleeds.
  7. andy_smurt


    Sorry to resurrect old thread, but hoping you're still around Chziime. How long did it take for your bumps/zits/(hives?) to go away? Did they ever come back in your mouth when you took dimethylglycine?

    After taking trimethylglycine, 4 "zits" formed on the back of my throat, behind tounge. I could feel them when I swallowed, they caused abrasion against my tongue. Throat texture also changed, significantly softened and reactive, less stiff. I was thinking they were hives that look like zits? They were not normal zits, that's for sure.

    My cognition also returned for a 3 days with depreciating results, then TMG didn't do anything. Bumps eventually went away, and throat back to the same stiffness. I think that the my compensated for reason (chronic inflammation). TMG lowers homocysteine or something, lowering inflammation, I don't remember the details. But my guess is when inflammation was reduced by the TMG, the allergen/pathogen was able to spread, and hives formed, then the body cranks up homocysteine production to compensate as it wasn't producing enough to keep the thing from moving around. Chronic inflammation (elevated homocysteine) would cause cognition problems.

    You wrote in a different thread too "I also often feel a tightness around my lower throat."

    Do you have chronic inflammation anywhere?

    Any follow up on your symptoms? You said you were highly active before this. Did you have dental work done? Any metal implants? Dental implants? Metal rods in teeth? Are you allergic (skin reaction) to jewelry/watches (nickel content)?

    I came back here because it had been 8 months since I last took TMG (taking it a month later didn't improve cognition), and it greatly improved my cognition again.
  8. Pyrrhus

    Pyrrhus As seen in the “Pyrrhus & Sisyphus Comedy Hour”

    U.S., Earth
    Many people assume that if they take something and suddenly a visible sign of infection appears, it is because the supplement they took must have inhibited the immune system, allowing an under-control infection to suddenly spread or worsen.

    In my personal experience, it has always been the opposite. More than once, I took a supplement to boost the immune system, and suddenly visible signs of infection appeared. The visible signs appeared because the immune system was suddenly strong enough to mount a strong response to an infection it previously could not fight. I won’t go into details, but this has been confirmed by my doctors.

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