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Creating a new Forum for Managing Pain under Treatment & Therapy?

Hi All,

How would everyone feel about creating a new Forum just for managing pain under the Forum category
for Treatment & Therapy. I know that we all deal with pain and some of us deal with co-morbid mechanical pain that is amplified by our brain. (my theory)

I understand that we don't want to clutter things up but I feel this is a very important topic. Dealing with chronic pain is a theme I read about throughout Phoenix Rising and I think that it should have it's own Forum.

Just my humble opine. Please share your thoughts if managing chronic pain is a challenge you deal with in your life.

Thank You. I look forward to hearing from everybody who has some positive input.
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Others then could argue that a forum to just cater for sleep would be good as most of us have sleep issues.. before long there would be a heap of diferent forums for different symptoms most of us have (I cant now keep up with all the forums). It is personally easier for me to have all the various management/treatment for various symptoms under just one heading .
We did have separate Forums on Pain and sleep at one time and merged them back into the Treatment Forum because traffic wasn't so high but we set out Traffic goals pretty high. The Forum team will decide this one - I'm not in charge of the Forums; for me personally the idea certainly has merit...

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