Zombie (Cell) Hunting

Nacht Segler

ME/CFS Since Early 2000s
Eastern PA
I just came across this and it's got me intrigued...

Anything that may help inflammation, I am curious about.


Scientists call fisetin a "senolytic" because it targets and wipes out senescent cells in the body, which build up as people age and contribute to age-related health issues. These cells are also called "zombie cells" because they have stopped multiplying, but don't die off. Yet they can still release molecules that trigger inflammation.

The National Institutes of Health is so concerned about senescent cells' impact on aging they're funding $125 million in grants to study them over the next few years. In aging mice, when these zombie cells are wiped out, functionality of key organs like the heart, liver, lungs, and the brain all improve, as systemic inflammation goes down.