Zoloft causes extreme fatigue


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Zoloft causes iron deficiency anemia through reduced iron absorption. Zoloft, also known as sertraline, is a commonly used SSRI antidepressant often prescribed in many different situations when doctors don't know what else to do. Unfortunately research is catching up to the fact that Zoloft is not benign. A quick google search reveals that it will over time result in loss of iron stores through depletion as Zoloft decreases absorption of iron from food. Iron deficiency anemia is a serious condition.. Red blood cells require iron to transport oxygen to the brain and elsewhere in the body. Thus your body ends up starving for oxygen. Zoloft is also known to cause depletion of zinc, another critical mineral to health. The nutrient depletion caused by this drug has serious consequences and may be implicated in many cases of unexplained fatigue. Many physicians do not check for nutrient depletion due to drugs. This particular issue with Zoloft appears to be largely under the radar of physicians. For those attempting to recover from this situation, physicians will want to test blood iron levels at the outset. If you start taking iron supplements or eat liver and spleen along with vitamin C to increase absorption ,before testing it may perhaps throw off results of the test. At any rate blood tests do not show the levels of body iron stores. One should check the symptoms of iron deficiency first before taking iron as one can get too much iron and cause problems. Further, one should never stop Zoloft or any SSRI over night as it will have serious consequences. A long slow taper off process is required to safely stop taking Zoloft.
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