"Zell Oxygen" yeast for normalising mitochondria

On a german CFS forum a couple of members had very good results with a product called "Zell Oxygen" by Dr. Wolz (a company).

I just finished reading a book by Dr. Robert Buist, an australian Doctor, who uses the product in treating CFS as well as cancer and anxiety disorders (all of which he mostly attributes to problems in oxygen proliferation). The book is rather short (70 pages) and badly compiled, but I wanted to share the information anyhow.

Buist mentions problems with disformed red blood cells, lactate/pyruvate levels and the change in membrane of mitochrondria, among other things, which lead to problems in the oxygen cycle - all things that he and other doctors have observed.

For CFS he recommends a treatment of:
- Zell Oxygen 15ml (3-4 times daily)
- Vitamin K, Magnesium, Aspartat
- Ginkgo 1:2, Ginseng 1:2
He claims good success rates with CFS patients with problems less than 3 years long.

The product itself is a special yeast strain which is processed cold and thus still contains all the basic nutrients. It has especially thin cell walls (I have seen it on photos myself) and gets easily absorbed with peak times after 2h. The yeast gets extra treatment with oxygen.

And if you wonder: studies seem to have shown, that this yeast is actually more efficient than regular medicine to fight off harmful yeast, such as Candida.

Here is the English product page, although I have to say that they don't give out much information. On the German board there have been actually pages full of content, which I really don't want to translate at the moment:


Personally I will definitely give it a try after I run some other tests with supplements which I already have here at the moment. Then I can report back to you guys. Best wishes.