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You still can get the 23andME test if you act very fast!!.


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Sth Australia
I thought I'd post the following for anyone who wanted the 23andME test done but havent yet... apparently if you buy it right now you can still get the test (and if the testing procede is halted you should be able to be refunded). Here's the email I got sent wee hours of this morning, from the MTHFR.net's founder Dr Ben Lynch about it. You only have days to buy the test before they are halted from selling till things with FDA are sorted.

Hello -

As you most likely know, the genetic testing company, 23andMe, has been issued a letter from the FDA requiring more information about their health claims.

What is most pressing is this
  • Yesterday I received an email from 23andMe stating that I must stop recommending their test kit in 7 days.
I do not know what is going to happen six days from now, but what I do know is that if you want to test yourself and family's genetics by 23andMe, you should take action now.

I performed the 23andMe test on myself and entire family - the amount of knowledge I learned from it is staggering - and I continue to learn what it all means.

Order your 23andMe Genetic Test now

  1. Why do you recommend the 23andMe test now if they told you to stop promoting their test in 7 days? The FDA is telling 23andMe to stop marketing the test and the FDA likely imposed this requirement on them. That said, it seems that 23andMe is accepting orders for another 6 days (5 days only after today) and then it is anyone's guess what will happen.
  2. Will 23andMe honor the test if I order it now and send me the results? If a person orders from a company, that company is required to fulfill that order or fully refund you. I believe that orders placed now will be fulfilled - otherwise 23andMe would not allow people to place orders on their website - and they are at the moment I am writing this.
  3. Does 23andMe test for MTHFR and other genetic issues? 23andMe tests for over 1 million snps - including MTHFR. If you take your 23andMe raw data and run it through MTHFR Support's program, then you will quickly and easily see if you have MTHFR and other gene polymorphisms. Work with your doctor in order to see what to do next.
  4. Will the potential shutdown of 23andMe affect your research and work? Absolutely not. Remember, I do not treat the SNP, I focus on the individual. The way I approach all my research is by identifying key genes in the body, learn how they work naturally, see how they interact with other genes and then see how lifestyle, diet, environment, toxins, medications, nutrients, chemicals, hormones and SNPs affect them.
Act right now to order your $99 genetic test from 23andMe - and then immediately send it back in with your sample once you receive it.
Let's hope that 23andMe gets passed the FDA regulations and continues to offer such a valuable service.
In Health,
Dr Lynch