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XMRV POSTER - Spread the word!




Please save this poster and pass it on, email it, put it on your facebook pages, blogs and websites and help spread the word!


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I think the bearded fellow next to Dr. Mikovits is Dr. Louis Katz of the Mississippi River Valley Regional Blood Center, who is also an exec VP of AABB. He's the guy who gave a teleconference on June 11 concerning XRMV and the blood supply. There's a photo of him (with somewhat shorter hair) at:


I can't get the original link to the teleconference to work (probably because the seminar is over and done with), but I think the smaller photo that's on this thread came from that page. It looks really familiar!


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Why is Elizabeth Unger (CDC/CFS) on this poster? Did she do someting that I don't know about that is positive for CFIDS/XMRV research? I know she was involved in other great stuff, but CFIDS and XMRV???

Does she rate being with the likes of Cheney, Whittemore, and the others who have been in the game for years and years? Also how about Hillary Johnson? She's the one that opened the can of worms back in the 1990's and has kept that can open for us all. Just ideas from a very tired and damaged brain. Great work otherwise.