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XMRV Positive? What are your symptoms/medical history?


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Ross, I mean in the poll as well not necessarily on line here. There are sections for extra symptoms but mood disorders isn't being added by XMRV+ people filling out the survey so far.

This may change of course. Who knows what the survey will bring out.


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I just took the survey and noticed a few things that may be critical which are missing:

1) Amalgam fillings -- as related to onset (has been shown to be significant in a majority of patients--mercury poisoning, galvanic currents from the metal)
2) Under testing -- mitochondrial testing (the Acumen test from Britain is definitive)
3) Under testing -- methylation cycle function (the Vitamin Diagnostics test is definitive.

Is it still possible to add a couple more questions to the survey????????? Here's the two I' d love to add:

1) Is it hard to relax your skeletal muscles (when I go to bed it can take two hours or longer for my skeletal muscles to realax)

2) Question for women: Have you experienced any unusual breast growth, especially from particular foods, supplements, and medications
(this is a bizzare but real symptom that has happened to a number of us!)


I'm new to this forum; am awaiting an "official diagnosis", have NOT been tested for XMRV, but when I saw your two suggestions for the survey, I HAD to respond.

I've been on medical leave of absence from work since February (probably will be "terminated in good standing" in about a month). Anyway, since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia earlier this year, my pain is mostly in my lower legs, I find it INCREDIBLY difficult to relax my legs when I go to bed. I couldn't understand why my leg muscles were flexing; I figured it was something I was unintentionally doing on my own (like unknowingly holding my breath when I'm incredibly stressed).

I also just had an ultrasound done in addition to my annual mammogram. I was born with a 3rd nipple and after the birth of my son 18 years ago, I developed a tiny amount of fatty breast tissue under it. Recently (this year) the breast tissue started getting slightly larger; don't know if that's the kind of "unusual breast growth" you were speaking of, but it's pretty darn "unusual" to me.:eek:

So, I have NOT been officially diagnosed (my PCP recently suggested I seek out a true CFS specialist, after coming up with no real answers for my symptoms) and I've NOT been tested for XMRV, I can tell you that I was diagnosed with EBV in 1994, had Mono in 2001 and just tested positive for Parvovirus IgG (5.0), have had chronic cold sores (HHV1), have had HPV, which resulted in cervical cancer, and was told that my Varicella Zoster titer was extremely high.....the significance of all of that, I'm not sure (maybe the general population also test positive for most of those things as well?)