WSJ's blog: The AABB Makes it Official: CFS Patients Shouldnt Give Blood


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There were a number of comments to the WSJ blog article. One was by a physician (see below)

1:54 pm June 19, 2010
Susan Goodner wrote:

Does this mean that those of us who have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and have developed some of its complications such as measurable deficiencies in immune function and low blood pressure that appears related to an immune defect and can result in fainting are being regarded as folks who have an actual disease instead of like neurotics? I loved my job as a family doctor and cared deeply about my patients. Kids I delivered are still graduating from the local high schools. I have not been able to practice for over 2 years due to this invisible disease. Please allow all those diagnosed with the dignity afforded to those disabled by a chronic illness, whether you understand it or not.

There was another comment by a "JT" that wasn't me!

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