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WPI repoting XMRV is not Defretias' virus


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I posted this in the other thread, but the only way to solve this problem is for them to test both sets of samples using both methods and see what turns up.


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Okay then we can list them by name, since they are not one and the same:
CAV-Freitas inside mitochondriae
XMRV-silverman gammaretrovirus in white blood cells
JHK-Grossman retrovirus inside HHV-6A
(HHV-6A can be inside the brain , without any signs in blood or lumbar puncture..)
XMR-Grossman is this the JHK virus? or yet another one?http://forums.aboutmecfs.org/showpost.php?p=17011&postcount=95

You forgot one big virus: REEVES, growing in an endemic manner at the CDC :eek:
Quick someone, gimme some RAID!!!


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ETA: Nora N, I just noticed that you posted almost the same thing I did but you did a better job I think. You beat me to it by 24 min. lol

Here's mine:

So far the names of infectious human retroviruses found in CFS are:

CAV - De Freitas et al. 1991
JHK - Grossberg et al. 2001
XMRV - Mikovits et al. 2009

Hi All,

I just posted about the WPI announcement here:


The gist of it to me is we now have at least 2 infectious human retroviruses in patients with CFS.

CAV was found in our mitochondria and XMRV may be the same as Grossberg's JHK retovirus found imbedded in HHV-6, although I don't think they said that so that would lead me to think there are possibly at least 3 infectious human retroviruses in patients with CFS.

Nearly all ME/CFIDS patients have a virus called HHV-6A and inside that is a retrovirus that Dr. Sidney Grossberg has named the JHK virus.


However JerryH here on this forum says:
Just to be clear, Dr. Grossman did not find what he calls the JHK retrovirus in CFS patients. He found it in a human cell line used for research. CFS patients had antibodies which reacted to JHK. Since JHK is 96% genetically identical to XMRV, it's not surprising that a CFS patient infected with XMRV would have cross-reactive antibodies to JHK.

The existence of JHK has been confirmed, it's just never been found in a person, so it couldn't (yet) be classified as an infectious human retrovirus.


JerryH also says:

Grossberg found something
"2003: Raisch Kevin P; Pizzato Massimo; Sun Hai Yuan; Takeuchi Yasuhiro; Cashdollar L William; Grossberg Sidney E
Molecular cloning, complete sequence, and biological characterization of a xenotropic murine leukemia virus constitutively released from the human B-lymphoblastoid cell line DG-75.
Virology 2003;308(1):83-91.

So it looks like Grossberg discovered XMRV first. Also, is Grossberg saying here that JHK is XMRV? Do you have the link for that JerryH?