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Would someone please check on Jenni?


Senior Member
Does anyone know if Jenni Saake, who tested positive for XMRV, posts on this forum? She writes a bit about herself in the comment section of an online Womans Day article on XMRV.

Her excellent comment links to her Facebook page. I hope that someone from this forum who is familiar with Facebook will contact her and encourage her to join and fill out our XMRV poll if she hasn't already done so.

Judy Mikovits, Derek Enlander and David Borenstein are quoted in the article.


Jenni Saake Dec 10

I was part of Dr. Mikovitz's study and am positive for XMRV. After fighting Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for nearly 20 years, is feels like a huge victory to have blood work evidence of this retrovirus. I want to go back to every doctor who didn't take me seriously over the years and show them my test results proving that I AM sick with something in the same class as HIV. Even if XMRV is not "the cause" for CFS (though I believe that with further testing it may well prove to be the culprit), there is something seriously wrong with me. I'm not just "always tired" as the name CFS would indicate, I have a neuro-immune desease including a retrovirus that has worked itself into my very DNA!


XMRV positive
Reno, NV
Jenni here :)

Hi! Saw your request pop up on google alert. Limited on energy and mental function to be online much, so don't think I'll be able to be too active here, but thanks for the invite! :) I filled out the info in member profile. Is there an additional XMRV poll you wanted to direct me to?

P.S. I'm documenting my journey in the blog linked to my profile here.