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an article I ran across. I must admit the thoughts of taking some of the HIV drugs is frightening to me, so have been looking all over for alternatives and found this article (not tested yet). These are recent findings, and sound promising. However, my understanding of this stuff is very limited.

"Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) have uncovered the genetic identity of a cellular receptor for the immune systems first-response antibody, a discovery that sheds new light on infection control and immune disorders."


The new study shows, and DNA analysis helped us to confirm, that the Fc mu receptor is made from the gene we describe, Kubagawa says. This is a fundamental discovery that science has been waiting to answer for nearly 30 years.

To identify the true FCMR gene, the UAB researchers used chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells as a source of this gene, since such leukemia cells are known to over-express the Fc mu receptor. This enabled researchers to identify the FCMR gene more efficiently.

The potential novel agents that target and regulate FCMR function hold promise in fighting cancer, AIDS and autoimmune disorders, says Kubagawa. The genetic description and request for renaming the gene does not prove it has a direct role in any particular disease; however, it fills a crucial gap in understanding the science behind immune deficiencies and allergy diseases."


So am I way off base? Does this sound promising as route to tx? I am not sure if there are any 'novel agents' for tx at this point, though.

Oh yes... Hi everybody! Newbie here. I hope you all won't mind if I visit here at times. And if I posted this in the wrong place, please move it.



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I have no clue. But it would be ironic that UAB finds something that helps CFSers. I live in Birmingham area. When I call their physician referral line, I am referred to rheumatologists.

UAB is big on HIV research.

But I have asked many doctors in the area if they can recommend someone who is well versed in CFS and is willing to treat them, and they all say no. They say if I found a good doctor in Atlanta that I like, then I should stay there. As for CFS, it is a wasteland here in Birmingham.

Hi Tina.... I don't understand enough about what is in the article to know if it will be helpful. I just have a feeling it could be. Maybe someone who understands a bit more will stop by.

I'm sorry you have been unable to find care somewhere close to home. I hope that will change soon, since the understanding of CFS is changing.