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Worcestershire ME Support GRoup - possible closure (UK)

charles shepherd

Senior Member
The possible closure of the Worcestershire ME Support Group will be discussed at the 2016 Worcestershire ME Support Group (WMESG) Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday 23 September.

The following is now on our website, together with an AGM Notification/explanation download -

To Supporters of the Worcestershire ME Support Group

The Group’s future - to be decided at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM).
The possible closure of the group has been discussed in the past and committee members now feel this is imminent.
That is, unless people come forward to take on positions of responsibility, so the group can continue.

Please become a member of this group, and become involved in its future.

We hope to see you at the AGM at 2.00 pm, on Friday 23 September, at The Malvern Cube, WR14 2YF.

For further information, please ring Ian Logan on 01886 888419.

Please forward/share this news - many thanks.

Best wishes
Jill Pigott
On behalf of Esther Swinnerton
Acting Secretary

On behalf of -
Worcestershire M.E. Support Group


Senior Member
Sth Australia
we had the president, secretary and another I think it was recently have to resign from our states ME/CFS society all due to poor health.. (ive no idea if they managed to fill the postions and they were going to have to change their rules to make it so they could have a smaller committee as even finding people for that who can attend meetings is hard)

Its sad that our groups struggle for members.


Making the most of it
I was on my local ME/CFS committee for a while and attended meetings by teleconference from bed but had to give it up as I just wasn't well enough.

Skypeing and teleconferencing is one way to get people involved if they are well enough, but housebound.