Woman tells of 'mind-blowing' cystic fibrosis drug


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Thanks, Treeman for this article. I have to admit that I read it with mixed emotions.

Many years ago I lost a brother-in-law to cystic fibrosis. At that time, he was one of the longest lived patients in Ontario, Canada and was on the list for a transplant. Unfortunately, CF took him before that occurred. So my heart is heavy for Dean, but lighter knowing that something is available for at least some patients with CF....it's a pretty awful disease. I can recall that he used to take something like 90 meds (including a lot of vitamins, digestive enzymes, etc.) to help break up the mucous that prevented him from breathing well or gaining weight.
However, it does leave one with the hope that a cure will be found for not only our illness (still not classified as a disease....just a syndrome, a "collection of symptoms." It will come and I hope most of you will be young enough to benefit from it. Personally, I'm already 75 and probably won't. However, I'm hopeful for future generations as we must all be. That's strength and we do have to martial it as we undergo the many ups and downs of ME & fellow illnesses. Yours, Lenora.