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WMLs and Post Concussion Syndrome - ME connection?

Hello all, wanted to check in with a question. Some may recall my (34F) posting last year about the discovery of white matter lesions on my brain MRI. Well, since then, I have been on a very strange journey... where I went to a specialist cognitive assessment clinic and their neuroscientists declared that this was actually connected to a collection of concussions I've had in my adult life (which is fact but no one has ever thrown around the words Post Concussion Syndrome before). I know there's been some discussions of others with ME/CFS getting WMLs on their scans, but I am unsure if there's anything out there connecting ME/CFS with TBIs or mTBIs?

Anyone have any idea? Could ME have weakened things enough to where I would be more susceptible to neurovascular injury?


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I don't know if it helps, but you may be interested in these discussions:

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I have heard some doctors say that concussions may predispose someone to getting ME, and others consider Post-Concussion Syndrome to be a type of ME, so the exact relationship between concussions and ME is currently unsettled...
Thanks. What's interesting about this I was actually first diagnosed with ME when I was approx 15-16, and didn't sustain anything relating to head injury until I was an adult. So the ME actually came first in my case. I will check the other discussions.