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Win a rubber duck - name that research

Sooo here are the current research projects at Kings College London:

1) A pilot study evaluating telephone treatment for CFS in 11-18 year olds.

2) A pilot study evaluating the treatment of severely affected house-bound adolescents with CFS.

3) Investigating social cognition in adults with anorexia nervosa, CFS patients and healthy controls.

4) A psycho-physiological study examining cortisol levels in adults with CFS before and after a course of CBT.

5) A psycho-physiological study examining cortisol levels in adolescents with CFS before and after a course of CBT.

6) A questionnaire study on the role of personality and life stress in CFS – a cross sectional study.

7) Randomised controlled trial of family focussed CBT for adolescents with CFS: a 2 year follow up.

8) A prospective study examining predictors of outcome after a course of CBT for patients with CFS.

9) A prospective study examining the relationship between perfectionism and fatigue in students.

10) A qualitative study of adolescents and their parents perspectives on the treatment they received as part of a randomised controlled trial.

11) A qualitative study examining the views of adults with CFS in relation to being part of a large MRC funded RCT.

12) An fMRI study investigating cognitive functioning and emotional processing in patients with CFS.

see if you can a) guess the name/acronym
b) guess who the PI/s is/are

NB I don't have the answers:oops:


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Based on deeply traumatic experiences in fairgrounds in the early 70's it is not possible to win a rubber duck, nobody has ever won a rubber duck, it is only possible to win a dead goldfish.

As I'm now in my 50's what does one do with a fictitious and unwinnable rubber duck anyway?

Fried brain - yum.


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New Zealand
Based on deeply traumatic experiences in fairgrounds in the early 70's it is not possible to win a rubber duck, nobody has ever won a rubber duck, it is only possible to win a dead goldfish.

Participating in these sorts of BPS studies is a bit like trying to win a rubber duck at Wonko's fairground.

(And I say that as someone who has answered surveys aimed at mothers of young people with CFS that had questions like 'when your child is sick, do you give them treats?', 'does your child smoke or chew tobacco an hour before bedtime?' (seriously).)

We might think that, as fairly rational people with relatively un-traumatic childhoods, we can help ensure the truth is made evident by participating in these studies. But, having now read too many crap reports of crap BPS research, I know the BPS proponents will find a way to report the answer they want.

Participation just encourages them. If there were no willing participants, there would be a lot less useless studies. We give them power.

It's a very difficult message though, particularly for patient advocacy organisations, to give to patients and their families not yet aware of the politics around the illness. How to do it without sounding anti-science?

Patient advocacy organisations could take a more active role in vetting, approving and monitoring studies. So then rather than saying 'boycott these studies', they could say 'these particular studies have been checked and are sound and worthwhile' while somehow implying that studies not listed could well be dodgy.

And of course that still leaves the problem that if the BPS researchers can't get enough people with ME/CFS, people who have just been feeling a bit tired lately are fine as proxies.


The good news is patients don't die the bad news..
Sometimes the only way to fight lies are to shame them. If there is a public meeting about money for these studies i would (if i could) show up, ask them why medical research is not receiving any funding because in other countries they are discovering auto immune components and having successes with chemotherapy drugs that are far superior in results to CBT/GET.

And those treatments mean patents and possibly royalties that the UK is not getting.
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Just seen this on Twitter. A horrendous reminder of the seriousness of the Kings College approach for all of us:
Yorkshire, England
When everybody has won their rubber duck, I can recommend entering them in the rubber duck race at Knaresborough, Yorkshire, England.

Here's the start of the race,


Knaresborough is the perfect virtual visit for ME sufferers, as it is also the site of one of the most famous British Witches, Mother Shipton.

It is one of the oldest visitor attractions in England, since 1630 AD.

Here is her spooky well that turns things to 'stone'


Mother Shipton was a Witch, but also produced testable hypotheses, so she was more scientific than the biopsychosocial school ;)

After visiting the cave, or if you are not up to it, why not take part in the annual 'Bed Race' or Parade?

Here's Darth Vader with his own Stormtrooper brass band in the parade. (You always wondered why his theme song played when he appears?)


Don't feel like running the universe?

Tuck yourself in and get carried, crossed and dragged in the bed race. (Winning a sports trophy without leaving your bed? Just our kind of sport I think.)


Testing out the new 'Water Bed' with added doggy paddle