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‎"Will Gulf War Veterans be tested for XMRV?" Veterans Today


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July 16, 2010 posted by Denise Nichols

"The battle over CFS/ME/GWI continues to heat up.

The Wall Street Journal is tracking the issue of XMRV retrovirus research. I told all the gulf war veterans to hold on and I meant it this is going to be a long struggle. The civilians with Chronic Fatigue/ME are in full battle mode. Yes we have at least 2 gulf war illness researchers tracking this issue but no answers yet.

The struggle to replicate the initial findings of a new retrovirus- XMRV- published in 2009 are in full international science realm. Hopefully, the gulf war veterans are vested and keeping track by reading.

Yes we need to have gulf war veterans tested but personally I want the WPI in Nevada to be validated ASAP! No insurance company will phony up to cover cost when this is stuck in research. WE as well as civilians suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome/ME need answers! The civilians have been involved for 25 years and gulf war veterans 20 years.
What I can reccommend to gulf war veterans is to keep reading and tune into the webnairs! I will keep you all as updated as I can! WE can also all keep writing our elected Representatives and Senators to increase CDMRP funding for Gulf War illness and let them know we want answers just like the civilians with CFS. WE want diagnostic testing and treatment that gets to real answers for us all! But for now I will post the Wall Street Journal Blog on the issue and thank WSJs Amy Dockser Marcus for reporting on the issue and encourage her to keep it up!!:
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