Why Was the Lyme Disease Vaccine Tossed Away?


The good news is patients don't die the bad news..
In the mid-1970s, physicians were puzzled after a cluster of children and adults in the town of Lyme, Connecticut, all developed mysterious, arthritis-like symptoms. They complained of recurrent bouts of pain and swelling in their joints; some developed fevers and rashes, others had unusual skin lesions. While doctors initially suspected that a virus might be the cause of the ailments, when a group of Yale scientists started to look closer, they discovered that the symptoms were caused by a bacteria transmitted by tick bites. The illness is now known as Lyme disease.

Rufous McKinney

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that is a fascinating article.......

In discussing whether or not a Lyme vaccine is worth it, they state Lyme is a treatable disease.

I don't understand that, as it's Post Treatment Lyme that is causing the longer term problems.

and What is a valid treatment for Post Treatment Lyme?

I also wonder why they describe Lyme as "spreading" from two states. I know there is controversy over where did Lyme originate from...It seems to have "appeared" out of whole cloth.


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What is puzzling to me. The cluster of children and adults that came down with symptoms. Did all of them just happen to get bit by a tick all around the same time? I find that odd . I've also heard that Lymes can hit a family member (they get diagnosed) and then after time, other family members can get the same symptoms. Lymes isn't contagious. Sounds more viral to me. Something to the puzzle is missing. Also, I have heard numerous accounts of people getting diagnosed with Lymes that never remember even getting bit by a tick.


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The vaccine caused quite a few health issues in people and they had to pull it (early 2000's?). I developed lyme disease most likely in early to mid 2000's, was told by naturopath that i had it in 2011 and finally CDC positive in 2017. I couldn't get a Dr to test me for it before i lost ability to walk. Everyone dismissed my symptoms and said they were not consistent with lyme disease. Then, we i finally was undeniably positive while hospitalized, they just let me go...unable to walk. I am still stumped. Told me to follow up outpatient with a infectious disease Dr whom told me she knew nothing about lyme disease and wasn't sure why they are sending lyme patients their way.

Its a very strange illness with many missing puzzle pieces. I agree so much rufous that the post viral is the new chapter that proves quite difficult to treat in some of us. Tammy, that is absolutely what i believed has happened in parts of my family. Also three of my good friends with lyme have multiple family members positive. Only one person i know had a visible tick bite. There is so much more going on than we understand. Just like ME/CFS. Studying these viral parties in the body need to be the next wave of the future. It applies to more of us than we realize. Lyme and coinfections are notoriously difficult to study as it hides in organs, leaves blood and changes actual shape, can look like normal cells etc. Its almost out of a science fiction novel. There are different phases of these illnesses which should honestly be classified as an entirely different illness at that point. It doesn't manifest as the same for everyone though. For instance my naturopath did testing on my daughter as a toddler and found her to be positive but her western medicine pediatrician does not agree with this line of testing and they do not accept those results.