Why US medical care stinks and is exorbitantly expensive CNBC


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So what's the excuse for the UK and Canada etc...?


PS Not sure I would take much advice from CNBC. I hear they let Hedge fund managers get on there and trash companies, just to make Millions or perhaps Billions off of there downfall! I believe in creative destruction, Companies should not survive if they don't provide a good service for the dollar, or make inferior products that people don't want. I'm not for Crony capitalism!

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@*GG* I have lived both in the US and Canada and I much prefer the canadian system even though I have a good insurance in the US. Of course, in terms of dealing with cfs US has the edge for people who have good coverage and have money to spend. But overall canada is a clear winner I think.

Also I think you might be confusing MSNBC with CNBC ?