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why is there no new xmrv news from wpi?


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Clay, Alabama
My assumption is same as Dr. Donnica's.

When they are quiet, assume they know something they can't tell yet. Since their study was presented for publication in late spring last year, they have likely been doing other studies since then. And, it is quite possible they have another paper they have already presented for publication, which means they shouldn't say anything about it until after publication. (Being a news reporter, I find this all very silly. So something isn't real until other doctors say it is real? Whatever) My guess is that they are developing the more perfect test. And I think the FDA must approve a test.

Then, there is connecting it to disease. From what I understand, the search for medicine is part of that same process. If they get something in there that hinders the virus in vitro, then you have to see if the person starts feeling better. If the virus being kicked improves the health, then you know the virus caused the bad health. And you also have the medicine. That sounds like something that would take time and trial and error.

I think we might see another study published from WPI on one of these follow up types. Now, I expect we might see some results from the other studies that are supposed to be trying to confirm the findings. Surely, we will hear some of those within the next three months.

Hey, think of it this way, how long ago was the October 8 announcement? Almost three months ago. And yet it wasn't that long ago because we are still very excited about it. When waiting, time passes more slowly. But in reflection, it passes by more quickly.

In the mean time, enjoy the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gq_5QZDpY1Y



Good one Tina

(snort, grin) Special thanks to Dr. Donnica for stoppin' by.


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UK News Rumor!

This was put on a UK forum:

a brief correspondence with Tony Britton of the M.E. Association and he said, as an aside in an email:

"M.E. should be in the national news tomorrow, when an embargoed news item breaks. Charles is doing some interviews now".
Posters comment:
I assume he means Charles Shepherd. Intruguing!"

If I hear anything will post asp.:victory::victory:
:victory:;):Sign Good one:


Grrr, I keep pressing the wrong button, so brainfogged I can't do anything right.

Joyscobby, do you have the link to that post? I'd like to check it out myself. I'm sceptical, we're easy pickings for trolls and stirrers atm, I know I am. :(


I know FF. I was hoping to be able to tell if it was a nutty rumour or not, guess we'll see in the morning, lol, if we don't get bumped for the snow! I'm still not hopeful, it just seems a little odd to say as an aside, why say so much and so little at the same time? Maybe I'm oversensitive post-Christmas and knowing that from now on we could be hearing fresh info but I find that a difficult way to spend 24hrs waiting and wondering what the nature of the news is, he didn't even say XMRV, just ME.

Never mind, I'm letting this get on top of me, and you know I'll have BBC News on all day tomorrow having said that. Fingers crossed. And toes.


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Near St Louis, MO
I'm not a member of FF so can't access the link, but now I'm like everyone else here - holding my breath while fearing that there is no reason to hold my breath.


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Just a note on scientific politics: it is more or less understood among scientists that results should be peer-reviewed and published before a full press announcment not just to give the publishing journal first dibs on the news but also to verify the science. Some of you may remember the news regarding the discovery of cold fusion more than a decade ago. The physicists involved in that announced their discovery to the press first rather than going through peer review and pulbishing; it turned into a huge scandal and further studies showed the first study to be flawed. MANY scientific ideas ultimately turn out to be wrong or inaccurate and that is OK - it's part of the process of discovery but there are systems set up in place to try to make what gets presented to the public ultimately is as accurate as possible.

Like all of you, I want more news and quick from the WPI but I am fine with a delay if that is what it takes to produce their best work. I'm also undecided on how the WPI has approached the politics of this, especially regarding a press release to refute the UK study. It would seem a better to have someone like the CAA or others be the spokesperson for criticism rather than the WPI. WPI needs to point out the flaws of the UK study but in the scientific realm rather than duking it out in the media.