Why does barely anyone know that CFS exists?


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The short answer is that doctors aren’t educated about it in med school. None of my doctors in 35 years of being ill have known much, if anything, about it. There’s really no excuse for today’s med schools not teaching doctors about it given that the CDC finally recognizes the seriousness and major universities like Harvard and Stanford have research departments devoted to it.

Maybe a major push in that direction would be the most beneficial.
Very little media coverage.

Same with climate change, the amount of coverage it gets is piddly compared to its level of urgency. We have 9 years left till 1.5ºC. In order to not fall off the cliff we need to scale renewables faster than the New Deal.

And much of the coverage it does get is skepticism and deniers.
Once I started learning about climate change, I realized it's all the same playbook as ME just on a bigger scale... a strategy designed to protect the profitable status quo.

The tobacco industry was to lung cancer as the oil industry is to climate change as the insurance industry is to ME.

Disinformation campaigns in the media, government agency capture, control of the scientific narrative, etc. Information sources which doctors depend on to be unbiased and based in science were turned into insurance industry propaganda platforms.

As David Marks (Journal of Health Psychology) said:
“The many wrongs committed by psychiatry and medicine to the ME/CFS community can only be righted when the Pace trial is ultimately seen for what it is: a disgraceful confidence trick to reduce patient compensation payments and benefits."
Marks wasn't just talking about the Pace trial; I believe he was describing generally the history of ME/CFS, with the objective being to preserve the status quo in order to protect insurance industry profits.

That's what I believe anyway.