Why do we feel better at night?


Improved ME from 2 to 6
Eastern NC USA
You may be right. I have found that rigorous limiting of bright light has helped my condition. Specifically, I have all my screens dimmed, night shift on at all times and the brightness at about 1/4-1/3 on my iphone and I start wearing my blue-blocker glasses at about 6:30 PM. When I look at my phone at night ( which I try to do as little as possible), the brightness is set at minimum and I put the blue- blockers on first. I believe all this has helped more than just my sleep.

Something that improved my sleep was wearing a grounding strap attached to my wrist and plugged into the wall outlet ground. They have them on ebay. I think it settles the inflammed cells down so they are less reactive.

There are techniques in psychology that can help depersonalization. It is often a defense mechanism to lower stress. I notice that I feel less depersonalized in the evening (lower cortisol) or if I'm under pressure and focusing.
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