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Who's done genetic testing? (methods? findings?)


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I'd like to hear from those who've tested for gene variants, mutations, expression, etc.

With everything that's come out regarding ME/CFS and genetics....
.... well, it's just a lot. So I was hoping to get some input.

Where did you get the testing done?

Did you find anything significant?

Who all is planning on testing for this sort of thing?
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i want to comment on this...

since covid (march 2020, never tested) i have severe burning in the nose. like rinsed with acid.
got better from mid june. also bad heart problems march to mid june.

a few times the nostrils (one or both) were fully lined with light, liquid, fresh blood (not running out).

when going outside, burning gets worse in the hours afterwards.
recovery became faster over time. but nose burning never went away.
its waning and waxing. like ... sniffing a dose of covid or something.

i always had badly clogged nose and bad chronic bronchitis. also severe breathing problems. entirely unallergic, no reaction on whatsoever. hospital tested. sneezing once a month (super-maximum) or every two years.
broken nose (age 30s) and a super runny nose ever since.

since covid
- didnt change the runny nose.
- but the bronchitis has never produced such little mucus.
- no breathing problems (unchanged, already good 2019)
- eyes tearing after cutting 1 onion, sneeze on pepper.
- sneezing minimum 1 per day, sometimes in a row (since march)
- im unaware of any issues/changes with sense of smell, taste (before & after covid)
- doxycycline (bad nausea only when taken without food), huge change

this burning in the nose i never had before.

since covid is linked to ACE/ACE2 (lots in the nose), it may be the culprit?
but what could this have to do with "allergy"?

I have some regular DANTE genetic test, but dont know what to look for, nor understand the interpretation.
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