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Whittemore Peterson NEWS!


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Congratulations and many thanks to Dr Donnica! I can't think of anyone better placed to speak on our behalf!

Go Dr D!


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This is really good news!!! Dr. Donnica is smart and articulate and well-known. She will definitely be an asset to the CFS community.


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WPI Announces New Spokesperson - Dr. Donnica Moore

Feb. 8, 2010
Angelina Wyss Gordon
Director of Development
Whittemore Peterson Institute Announces Renowned Health Expert as New Spokesperson
-Dr. Donnica Moore joins the institute as spokesperson and advocate-
Reno, Nev. The Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease (WPI) has recently
announced Dr. Donnica Moore, a distinguished womens health expert, as its new celebrity
spokesperson and advocate. Dr. Moore will join WPI in its efforts to help raise awareness and funding
for its research of XMRV and associated neuro-immune diseases, including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
We are pleased to have a highly regarded womens health expert join us in our efforts to bring more
attention to neuroimmune diseases, said Annette Whittemore, founder of the Whittemore Peterson
Institute. Dr. Donnica Moore is an incredible advocate for these patients. Her experience and support
will be huge assets to the WPI and patients around the world, as we seek to raise awareness and
additional funding in this field of medicine.
A graduate from Princeton University and the State University of New York School of Medicine at
Buffalo, Dr. Moore is a womens health expert who has received numerous awards for her health
communications and advocacy. Widely known as Dr. Donnica, she has appeared on over 650 national
television shows, including Good Morning America, The View, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and
Weekend Today Show. Recently, Dr. Donnica has been credited for her involvement with CFS/ME
research and related advocacy efforts. Dr. Donnica is the mother of two teenage children, one of whom
has suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) for more than five
I am grateful to have such an opportunity to further advocate on behalf of the WPIs search for more
effective treatments, said Dr. Donnica Moore, womens health expert and spokesperson for WPI. I
am fully committed to supporting WPI in its efforts to help millions of patients worldwide, like my son
Brian, who suffer from the debilitating effects of CFS/ME and those with related neuro-immune
WPI is set to open its new medical facility at the University of Nevada School of Medicine campus in
September 2010 and plan to welcome its first patients soon after. To learn more about the institute and
ongoing research, please visit www.wpinstitute.org.
Located within the University of Nevada School of Medicines Center for Molecular Medicine, the Whittemore
Peterson Institute will be the nations first comprehensive translational research facility dedicated to the research
and treatment of neuro-immune diseases when it opens September of 2010.


Dr. Donnica will be great as a spokesperson for WPI. Now, if WPI needs to talk to the press, they have an articulate and classy press-savvy woman to do it.

Good choice WPI!!
Congrats Dr. D!!


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Sounds like she is going to be a real asset to WPI - sad that she has a son with ME/CFS but boy will that give her a real attitude towards the doubters and sceptics. Roll on September, it will be interesting to see what this new patient treatment centre has to offer and who the doctors will be.


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North West, England, UK
As I have posted elsewhere, I am pleased the WPI have a well respected and knowledgeable doctor to educate the US public on all things ME/XMRV.

However, and I don't wish to come across completely negative, but we are really having problems here in the UK. Wessley has the press eating out of his hands. His study which found no prevalence of XMRV is still being written by the press and as far as the media are concerned, XMRV doesn't exist over here. He is cooking something up as we speak (XMRV/prostate cancer cell study/referrals), and none of us understand what he is planning or what it means. Institutionalised corruption is rife and too many very important people have too much to lose if XMRV is the cause/effect of anything, never mind ME.

The only news that will break this stranglehold, is when it is officially confirmed that XMRV is the smoking gun, and until then we will remain in the dark ages.

In fact, I'm expecting someone the paint a red cross on my front door any minute now!


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Clay, Alabama
I hope she is proactive, creating media attention, starts a PR campaign.

Dr. Donnica, I know you read these boards sometimes. Welcome. We know you will represent us well. You bring knowledge, personal experience and an enthusiastic personality.

Tell us what your goals are and how you plan to reach those goals. Let's get CFS, oops, sorry, XAND, into the mainstream consiousness.

And by the way, I know someone has chosen a blue ribbon. But I just can't help to think of "the blues" being another word for depression. And other things use a blue ribbon also. Anyway, it's all in the marketing. So please tell us what the strategy is, Dr. Donnica.



Aw... this is clearly great news for those of you in the US... but I had got myself all worked up into a froth thinking it would be something a touch more exciting.
Oh well, let that be a lesson to me :)

a slightly disappointed Rachel xx


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Clay, Alabama
yes, not as earth shattering, as say, Cher. But still good news.

Honestly, at this point, anyone who knows and can create an information campaign is better than what we have now. She has connections in the media to create news stories.

It's not enough to have someone there when media calls, we need someone to start a public and doctor education campaign.

Government has been urged to do this for years. As with the research, we finally just have to do it ourselves. We need a mascot, some icon. We need a total PR campaign.



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WPI announcement

Aw... this is clearly great news for those of you in the US... but I had got myself all worked up into a froth thinking it would be something a touch more exciting.
Oh well, let that be a lesson to me :)

a slightly disappointed Rachel xx

Aw, Rachel, I know it may seem like a letdown to you now. But Dr. Donnica is wonderful in so many ways. And there is no reason that Dr. Donnica will not be able to help things along in the UK. If she can link up with Chris Steele (?) or someone like him, at least they could wake up the media a bit...And that never hurts!

Roy S

former DC ME/CFS lobbyist
Illinois, USA
I've long thought that the best spokesperson would be a healthy family member of a patient; someone who had seen a loved one go from healthy to sick with CFS. To have a M.D. who is already media savvy in addition to that is great.
In Washington family members of patients with other illnesses are common as advocates. CFS has had a strikingly small number of those compared to other illnesses. Hopefully many others will follow these role models.

The WPI continues to impress me.