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where can I get LDN off the internet?


Senior Member

I know there are quite a few posts on LDN on here, but they are all quite long and I'm afraid i don't have the stamina or concentration to trawl through them.

I would like to know:

1. Where I can buy LDN from the internet with no prescription (if possible?), a reliable source obviously, as much as that is possible.

2. How much and how often do I roughly increase the dose? I want to start very low as react, like many people, easily.

Many thanks in advance


Senior Member
Wetumpka Alabama
All of the LDN information will be on these sites: lowdosenaltrexone.org ldn-help.com ldn-database.com . There is a doc in PA that will write for it by phone...do not know the cost of the consult. The information will be on one of these sites. Some people get it without a srcipt at 50mg and dilute it.