When it gets tough. . .

Las Vegas
Something I sat down and wrote today.

it's like having runners block
all the time
it will break you down to the core
it will beat you into submission
you will be pushed beyond your threshold
then pushed some more
you will lose that which you did not know could be lost

you will be broken

it is then
deep in the abyss
you will find out what you are truely made of

at that moment
you will have a choice
but look
look deeply
you will find it
it's quite literally buried
somewhere in the cloud
you think

it's not in the cloud
it's underneath

the choice is simple
surrender or fight


you will need to prepare
you will need to train
you will need a weapon

it will not be easy
you will fight this battle alone

your opponent is tricky and cruel
you will have to be clever
you will not be competitive early
training takes time
you will use deception
you will lose battles
to win the war

you will speak of your adversary
you will not be believed

you will be misunderstood
for not trying
you will be misunderstood
for not caring
you will be misunderstood
as weak
you will be misunderstood
as confused

look again
underneath the cloud
you will find
something else there
you will find it's a weapon

it is very strong

you will make it stronger

it will be the only thing you can exercise
like a diamond
it will get harder
heat and pressure
built up
over time
it will become unbreakable
it will be with you forever

your opponent will be weakened
by your weapon
it will not be heard
it cannot be given or lent
it can not be seen
except by those
who have it
you will see it in others
you will appreciate it

you will use it
to fight
you will use it
to defend
you will call on it
every day
you will
understand it

you will call it
by it's name